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Trishal Nanji Wins the Genting Poker Series Westcliff Mini

Trishal Nanji

Trishal Ninji topped a field of 272 players in the £220 Genting Poker Series Westcliff Mini, walking away with £6,940 after a six-handed deal.

2016 Genting Poker Series Westcliff Mini

1Trishal Nanji£6,940*
2Michael Arnold£7,000*
3Mark Webb£7,000*
4Nick Zambas£6,000*
5Nick Kennedy£6,500*
6Lee Hodis£4,000*
7Van Nguyen£1,770
8Amber Glasby£1,270
9Shane Dewsbury£960

*reflects a six-way deal

The 272 starters were whittled to 71 hopefuls over the course of three starting flights, and only 27 of those returnees were guaranteed any prize money for their efforts. Nobody wanted to finish in 28th place and burst the bubble, but the very nature of tournament poker means there must be at least one unfortunate soul who finishes one place out of the money.

Geoff Dartford was that 28th place finisher, pushing all-in with pocket nines and running straight into a pair of queens. Those ladies held, Dartford bust, and the remaining 27 players locked up £410 in prize money.

Three-and-a-half hours after the money bubble burst, the nine-handed final table was set where Van Nguyen (1,500,000) and Nick Zambas (1,445,000) were the chip leaders, and Mark Webb was the short stack.

2016 Genting Poker Series Westcliff Mini Final Table

1Nick Zambas1,445,000
2Nick Kennedy570,000
3Trishal Nanji600,000.
4Shane Dewsbury575,000
5Lee Hodis415,000
6Amber Glasby845,000
7Michael Arnold550,000
8Mark Webb380,000
9Van Nguyen1,500,000

Shane Dewsbury bust in ninth-place despite getting his stack into the middle of the felt with the best hand, then Amber Glasby fell in eighth-place. The bust duo were soon joined on the rail by Nguyen to leave only six players in the hunt for the title.

Those six players decided to pause the tournament clock and discuss a deal. Those negotiations were successful with the least money any of the remaining players would take home was £4,000.

Lee Hodis didn’t collect any further prize money as he committed his chips with queen-jack and lost to the dominating ace-jack of Zambas, prompting a second deal to be struck that increased the minimum take-home pay to £6,000.

Nick Kennedy fell in fifth place, followed by Zambas, and Mark Webb, leaving Nanji and Michael Arnold to go head-to-head for the title. Heads-up only lasted for one hand and saw a raise and a call preflop before a betting war broke out on a {q-}{j-}{a-} flop that resulted in Arnold being all-in with {a-}{10-} and in a whole world of trouble against Nanji’s {k-}{10-} that had flopped the nuts. Bricks on the turn and river sent Arnold home in second-place and left Nanji to bank £6,940 and the winner’s trophy.

Next up for the Genting Poker Series is a trip to Torquay from November 10.

  • Trishal Nanji topped a field of 272 players in the Genting Poker Series Westcliff Mini to win £6,940.

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