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Global Poker League Week 9: Dominik Nitsche, Guo Dong, Maria Ho and Mercier Win Matches

Global Poker League Jason Mercier, Maria Ho, Guo Dong, Dominik Nitsche

After a post summer break, the Global Poker League resumed action yesterday with two heats in both the Eurasia and Americas conference. Dominik Nitsche, Guo Dong, Maria Ho and Jason Mercier won matches. The Moscow Wolverines now have a 17-point lead over the London Royals in the Eurasia conference, while the Montreal Nationals lead with a difference of just 3 points over the LA Sunset in the Americas conference.

Eurasia Conference

Dominik Nitsche Wins GPL Match 117

Dominik Nitsche crowned himself the winner of the first match of Week 9 of the Global Poker League. By winning the first this 6-max heat he scored a big seven points for the Berlin Bears. Even with this win, the Bears were still in sixth and last place in the Eurasian Conference. Nitsche beat Dario Sammartino heads up turning a nine with queen-nine to beat the Italian's treys.

Results GPL Match 117

1Dominik NitscheBerlin Bears7 points
2Dario SammartinoRome Emperors5 points
3Igor YaroshevskyMoscow Wolverines3 points
4Liv BoereeLondon Royals2 points
5Alexandre LuneauParis Aviators1 point
6Guo DongHong Kong Stars0 points

Guo Dong wins GPL Match 118

Hong Kong Stars' Guo Dong won match 118 in the Global Poker League. He won the second 6-max heat of the day of the Eurasia Conference by beating Igor Yaroshevsky heads up. Dong recovered very well from an early exit in the first match of the day. He came back and took revege by raking in the seven points for first place.

The second heat looked nothing like the first encounter. Dario Sammartino, second in heat one, was the first one to leave, followed quickly by the winner of the first heat, Dominik Nitsche. Liv Boeree scored her second fourth place of the day before Alexandre Luneau was eliminated in third.

Yaroshevsky started the one on one battle with 100,000 chips, against Guo Dong's 50,000 points. Dong quickly turned the tables and never looked back. The first all-in of the heads up match was the deciding one and Dong got the maximum score. Helping his team to a tied second place in the league table.

Results GPL Match 118

1Guo DongHong Kong Stars7 points
2Igor YaroshevskyMoscow Wolverines5 points
3Alexandre LuneauParis Aviators3 points
4Liv BoereeLondon Royals2 points
5Dominik NitscheBerlin Bears1 point
6Dario SammartinoRome Emperors0 points

The Moscow Wolverines now have a commanding 17-point lead over both, the London Royals and Hong Kong Stars.

GPL Eurasia Conference League Standings

1Moscow Wolverines130
2London Royals113
2Hong Kong Stars113
4Paris Aviators108
5Rome Emperors101
6Berlin Bears100

Americas Conference

Maria Ho wins GPL Match 119

Maria Ho won the first 6-max heat in the Global Poker League Americas conference after the summer break. Ho was off to a good start which ended in her winning the tournament and scoring seven points for the LA Sunset.

Xuan Liu, playing for the Montreal Nationals, was the first one to go. She lost a lot of chips to Scott Ball early in the heat and eventually busted to Jason Mercier. The card dead Kitty Kuo was the next one to leave. She first lost a huge pot with {a-}{q-} against the {a-}{k-} from Byron Kaverman. Who eliminated her a few hands later.

Kaverman was the man in command after busting Scott Ball in fourth when he hit an eight on the river with his ace-eight against Ball's ace-ten. Still, Kaverman was next to go. He was crippled by Jason Mercier and eliminated by Maria Ho.

Mercier took an early lead in the heads up, but still ended up short. He got trapped by Ho and never managed to recover.

Results GPL Match 119

1Maria HoLA Sunset7 points
2Jason MercierNew York Rounders5 points
3Byron KavermanSao Paulo Metropolitans3 points
4Scott BallLas Vegas Moneymakers2 points
5Kitty KuoSan Francisco Rush1 point
6Xian LiuMontreal Metropolitans0 points

Jason Mercier wins GPL Match 120

This first day of Week 9 of the Global Poker League, was a very good day for Jason Mercier. The New York Rounders player finished second in heat one of the Americas conference, before taking home the victory in the second match.

It looked like the second heat would start in the same fashion as the first one did. Xuan Liu was crippled in the beginning of the match, but unlike the heat before, she wasn't the first one to go. She had some luck and doubled up a couple of times before Scott Ball finished in sixth position. It wasn't really Ball's day and his final hand was an example of that. He made the right decision calling Kaverman's all-in with queen-five, but still lost to the jack-six of his opponent. Ball only scored two points for the Las Vegas Moneymakers, leaving them dead last in the Americas conference, far away from the playoff spots.

Like Ball, Kitty Kuo couldn't get much going today. She scored her second fifth place finish of the day when her sixes couldn't hold up against Maria Ho's queen-ten. Ho flopped quad tens and Kuo was on her way out. Ho also eliminated Xuan Liu in fourth place. Liu called all-in with nine-ten but couldn't beat the queens Ho was holding. Like Ball and Kuo, Liu also scored two points today, but it was just enough to keep her Montreal Nationals on top of the leaderboard.

Maria Ho ended up third after losing two big pots against Jason Mercier. In the last hand, her {5-Hearts}{4-Hearts} was no competition for Mercier's {a-Diamonds}{8-Clubs}, when the board ran out {a-Hearts}{k-Clubs}{10-Hearts}{k-Spades}{3-Diamonds}.

Mercier was heads-up for the second time today. This time, he took home the full seven points by beating Byron Kaverman thanks to a seven on the river. Kaverman got it all-in on a {6-Diamonds}{2-Clubs}{5-Diamonds}-flop while holding four-five. Mercier had four-eight and rivered a straight for the win.

Results GPL Match 120

1Jason MercierNew York Rounders7 points
2Byron KavermanSao Paulo Metropolitans5 points
3Maria HoLA Sunset3 points
4Xian LiuMontreal Metropolitans2 points
5Kitty KuoSan Francisco Rush1 point
6Scott BallLas Vegas Moneymakers0 points

There are no position changes in the Americas conference after today, but the top four teams are a lot closer together now. The Montreal Nationals hold on to their first position, but only with a three-point lead on the LA Sunset. The Sunsets are closing in on the top position, thanks to Maria Ho's ten points.

Jason Mercier helps his New York Rounders to a tied 3rd place with the Sao Paulo Metropolitans of Byron Kaverman. The San Francisco Rush and Las Vegas Moneymakers are falling behind. They have to score big in the upcoming weeks to make it into the playoffs.

GPL Americas Conference League Standings

1Montreal Nationals147
2LA Sunset144
3Sao Paulo Metropolitans120
3New York Rounders120
5San Francisco Rush107
6Las Vegas Moneymakers97

The Global Poker League will be back today with three heads-up matches from the Eurasia conference. Play will commence at 12pm EDT (6pm CEST) with the heat between the Rome Emperors and the Hong Kong Stars, followed by the Paris Aviators against the Moscow Wolverines match and the battle between the London Royals and the Berlin Bears. You can follow along with Week 9 coverage of the GPL right here on PokerNews.

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  • The Global Poker League resumed action and Dominik Nitsche, Guo Dong, Maria Ho and Jason Mercier won matches.

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