Darren Coleman Crowned APAT Welsh Amateur Poker Champion

Darren Coleman
  • Darren Coleman topped a field of 173 players to be crowned the APAT Welsh Amateur Poker champion.

Darren Coleman is the newly crowned APAT Welsh Amateur Poker champion after he bested a field of 173-players at the Grosvenor Casino on Atlantic Wharf in Cardiff last weekend. For his victory, Coleman returned home with £3,825, a coveted APAT gold medal, and a package to Las Vegas worth £1,500.

2016 APAT Welsh Amateur Poker Championship Final Table Results

1Darren Coleman£3,825
2Reis Khan£2,520
3Richard Evans£1,580
4Anthony Gregg£1,080
5Luke Jenkins£710
6Diane Chevrier£540
7Wai Gao£420
8Mark Morris£370
9Keith Thomas£310

Fifty-one players navigated their way through the Day 1 field with Lukman Islam leading the way with 156,000 chips. Hot on Islam’s heels were Richard Evans (109,000) and Tristan Chaplin (103,000) who were the only returning players to nurse six-figure stacks.

Coleman started Day 2 11th in chips with a stack of 78,000, but by the time the nine-handed final table was reached, Coleman had built his stack to 220,000 and was sitting in the middle of the pack.

Keith Thomas was the first player to bust from the final table, losing with pocket kings to the ace-queen of Reis Khan one hand previously won a massive pot when his aces beat a pair of queens.

A classic race ended the title hopes of Mark Morris and Wai Gao. Morris’ ace-king failed to get there against Anthony Gregg's tens, while Gao’s tens were outdrawn by the ace-queen of Evans.

Sixth-place went to the popular Diane Chevrier who flopped two-pair with her ten-seven, got her chips into the middle against ten-nine, only to see the turn and river both come kings to counterfeit her hand and bust her from the tournament.

Luke Jenkins’ impressive run ended before Evans got lucky to eliminated Gregg, his ace-seven coming from behind to beat the dominating ace-jack. Gregg’s fourth place finish may have been the first payout spot to award four-figures, but it also meant he had burst the medal bubble.

The first player to get their hands on an APAT medal was Evans after he pushed his ace-seven into the pocket aces of Coleman, setting up a heads-up battle between Coleman and Khan.

It was an interesting heads-up contest due to those playing having conflicting styles: Coleman was a more tight-aggressive player while Khan played extremely loose and fast. In the end it was the slow and steady that won the race and the tournament.

A key hand swung the tournament in Coleman’s favour. A raising war broke out on a queen-high flop that resulted in Coleman being all-in with a pair of tens. Khan snap-called with queen-jack only to see Coleman improve to a set on the turn.

The next hand saw Khan raise blind to 115,000, Coleman move all-in, and Khan call of his remaining 485,000 chips without looking at his cards. When he did flip them over he saw the lowly {9-Spades}{4-Diamonds} which was up against Coleman’s {J-Spades}{10-Diamonds}. A final board reading {10-Hearts}{6-Hearts}{A-Diamonds}{10-Clubs}{Q-Hearts} sent Khan to the rail, and ultimately sent Coleman to Las Vegas thanks to the added-value prize put into the mix by APAT.

Next up for APAT is the Irish Amateur Poker Championship in Dublin from October 30-31, followed by the Benelux Amateur Poker Championship in Namur from November 10-13, 2016.

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