Paul Nugent Takes Down the GPS Luton Mini Main Event for £9,255

Paul Nugent
  • Paul Nugent topped a field of 371 to be crowned the Genting Poker Series Luton Mini Main Event champion.

A bumper crowd of 381 entries took part in the Genting Poker Series Luton Mini Main Event this weekend, creating a £74,200 prize pool divvied up among the top 38 finishers. Taking home the winner’s trophy was Paul Nugent, who banked £9,255 after a six-handed deal was taken into consideration.

2016 GPS Luton Mini Main Event Final Table Results

1Paul Nugent£9,255*
2Adam Daniel£6,950*
3Alan Rogers£8,892*
4Sam Goodman£9,645*
5David Gallagher£8,250*
6Stephen Rowley£7,278*
7Martin Holmes£2,350
8Andrew Kyte£1,660
9Samantha Millman£1,300

*reflects a six-way deal

Seventy-one players returned to the casino on Day 2, and they were reduced to a single player, Paul Nugent, after 11 hours of action. As the clocks around the cardroom turned to 6:00 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, and on a board reading {K-}{5-}{4-}{8-}{3-}, Carl Vernon set Andrei-Catalin Balan all in from his 100,000 stack, and was called. Vernon flipped over {7-}{6-} for the nuts, and a disappointed Balan burst the money bubble.

It took another five hours for the 38 in-the-money players to reach the nine-handed final table, with Aaron McMordie falling in 10th place.

2016 GPS Luton Mini Main Event Final Table

1Paul Nugent1,700,000
2Andy Kyte430,000
3Adam Daniel440,000
4Sam Goodman2,100,000
5Samantha Millman500,000
6Alan Rogers1,750,000
7Stephen Rwoley850,000
8Dave Gallagher1,200000
9Martin Holmes960,000

The first player to fall at the final table was Samantha Millman who committed her relatively short stack with {A-Diamonds}{K-Diamonds} and looked set for a double-up as Andrew Kyte held the dominated {A-Spades}{Q-Spades}. However, a queen on the flop improved Kyte to the best hand, bust Millman, and ensured there would be a male champion.

Despite winning Millman’s stack, Kyte was the next casualty. Nugent opened, Kyte three-bet all-in with {K-}{7-}, and Nugent called with {10-}{10-}. A jack-high board kept Nugent’s hand best, and sent Kyte to the rail.

Seventh-place went to Martin Holmes who found himself all-in with {K-Diamonds}{Q-Diamonds} against the {A-Spades}{K-Spades} of Alan Rogers. Neither player improved by the river, but Rogers didn’t need to as his ace-high was enough to win the pot, and reduce the tournament to six players.

After approximately 20-minutes of six-handed play, the clock was paused to allow the remaining players to discuss a deal, and an ICM-based deal was agreed upon, one leaving £1,500 to the eventual champion.

Play loosened up considerably after the tournament resumed, as you can imagine, and a flurry of eliminations saw Stephen Rowley, David Gallagher, and Sam Goodman fall by the wayside.

The final hand saw both Nugent and Adam Daniel agree to go all-in blind, Nugent tabling {Q-}{J-} and Daniel {Q-}{2-}. The five community cards ran without a deuce in sight, busting Daniel, and leaving Nugent to be crowned the GPS Luton Mini Main Event champion.

Next up of the GPS is a trip to the recently-opened Resorts World Birmingham between August 18-21, 2016.

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