Unibet Continues Celebrating Milestone Hands

Unibet Poker
  • Unibet recently dealt its 300 millionth hand and is celebrating with a potentially lucrative milestone hands promotion.

  • Win huge cash prizes in the Unibet Poker milestone hands promotion.

It seems only five minutes ago that Unibet moved its online poker operation from the MPN to its own standalone software, but can you believe that more than 300 million hands have been dealt to date?

The 300 millionth hand was dealt on April 3, 2016, at a cash game table with €0.02/€0.04 blinds, with the winner, “Salvio88,” collecting €4,800 thanks to the ongoing milestone hands promotion. The promotion awards cash prizes every 100,000 hands until Unibet Poker celebrates dealing its 315 millionth hand.

Everyone playing real money cash games is eligible for a cash prize if they are dealt into a milestone hand, but the biggest prizes await those who win one of those landmark hands. The prize awarded depends on the milestone hand in question and how many flops you have seen in the 60-minutes leading up to hand being dealt, so by playing more you could win more.

The tables below show the multipliers that come into effect when a milestone hand is dealt.

StakeMultiplier#Flops/#Tables in last 60 minsMultiplier
NL4, PL4, or Banzai NL10.2<50.4
NL10, PL10, or Banzai NL50.4<100.6
NL25, PL25, or Banzai NL201<150.8
NL 50 or PL501.5<201
NL100 or PL1002<251.25
NL200 or PL2004<301.5
NL400 or PL400830+2

An example of how the multiplier works, imagine you’re playing two tables of NL50 and in the 60 minutes prior to a milestone hand being hit you have seen 13 flops on one table and 19 flop on the other, for a total of 32 flops. Divide the flops by the number of tables played (32/2) to get to the figure 16. Using the table above, you can see that you your prize multiplier would be 1.5 x 1, or 1.5.

Each milestone hand has a base prize awarded to the winner of the hand and everyone dealt into the hand. The amounts vary from €250 for winning the hand (plus your multiplier) up to a massive €12,000 for the 315 millionth hand!

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