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Derek Leach Crowned 2016 GPS Mini Glasgow Champion

Derek Leach
  • Derek Leach topped a field of 250 players to win the 2016 Genting Poker Series Glasgow Main Event for £12,550.

  • Glasgow hosted its first-ever Genting Poker Series event last weekend, but who took it down?

Glasgow hosted its first-ever Genting Poker Series event last weekend and judging by the superb turnout for the £220 buy-in Main Event it will not be the last. A total of 250 entries were processed, creating a £50,000 prize pool, which the top 25 players shared.

2016 Genting Poker Series Glasgow Final Table Results

1Derek Leach£12,550
2Daniel Khosrowpour£8,400
3Carol Scholes£5,500
4Rami El-Obaidy£3,340
5Ryan Allan£2,480
6Ross Findlay£2,000
7Patrick Doonan£1,600
8Ricky Yuill£1,250
9John Jo McCauley£960

Fifty-five players returned for Day 2, the final day, meaning 30 went home empty handed. The unfortunate soul to burst the money bubble was Jaroslaw Wolny who moved all-in with {3-}{3-} and was called by Ross Findlay holding {A-}{J-}. An ace on the flop pushed Findlay in front, and his hand improved to an unnecessary full house by the river to send Wolny home in 26th place, and everyone else into the money.

Three-and-a-half hours later, those 25 in-the-money players were reduced to the final table of nine, and almost immediately after the final table action commenced, John Jo McCauley watched on as Carol Scholes led for 75,000 on the {Q-}{4-}{4-} flop, before deciding to raise all-in for 360,00 with pocket eights. Unfortunately for McCauley, Scholes was holding {K-}{Q-} and called. McCauley didn’t improve and the tournament was down to eight players.

Eight became seven with the exit of Ricky Yuill in a three-way all-in preflop confrontation. Yuill held {9-}{9-}, Derek Leach {10-}{10-}, and Patrick Doonan {K-}{K-}. Leach flopped a set to leave his opponents drawing thin, and they never outdrew him.

That hand left Doonan with a single big blind worth of chips and he bust a couple of hands later.

Sixth place went to Findlay after he failed to recover from losing almost all of his stack by pushing all-in with {Q-}{8-} on a {10-}{8-}{9-} flop and running into the {J-}{10-} of Rami El-Obaidy, before a short stacked Ryan Allen committed his chips with {Q-}{10-} and lost to the {K-}{5-} of Leach.

It took an hour of four-handed play before there was another elimination, the player falling in fourth place being El-Obaidy. On the {10-Spades}{8-Clubs}{J-Clubs} flop, El-Obaidy moved all-in for 700,000 with {K-Clubs}{10-Hearts} and Leach looked him up with the {J-Spades}{4-Spades}/ The turn was the {Q-Clubs}, followed by the {Q-Spades} to win the pot for Leach.

Leach then claimed a huge chip lead after helping himself to the chips of the last woman standing, Carol Scholes. Leach led for 200,000 on a {j-}{3-}{3-} flop, Scholes moved all-in for 1.3 million, and Leach called. Scholes showed {K-}{Q-} and was in trouble against Leach’s {Q-}{J-}. Neither player improved on the turn or river and heads-up was set.

With Leach holding a five-to-one chip lead over Daniel Khosrowpour, the latter had to make a move to drag himself back into contention. He did exactly this, getting his chips into the middle of the felt with {K-}{5-}, but Leach held {A-}{J-} and called. The flop missed both players, but an ace on the turn locked up the hand for Leach and ensured he would be leaving Glasgow with a cool £12,550 in his back pocket and, like everyone else at the final table, a £440 Genting Poker Series seat.

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