Tom Kugelstadt Wins the Genting Luton Anniversary Cup

Tom Kugelstadt
  • Second live win of the year for Tom Kugelstadt after he takes down the Genting Luton Anniversary Cup

  • Phil Gregg finishes second for £12,000 after a heads-up deal

Tom Kugelstadt secured his second live tournament victory of the year on Sunday night when he walked away with top honours in the Genting Luton Anniversary Cup, a result that netted him £15,130 and a £440 seat to a future Genting Poker Series Main Event.

2015 Genting Luton Anniversary Cup Final Table Results

1Tom Kugelstadt£15,130*
2Phil Gregg£12,000*
3Jonathan Blissett£6,850
4Gerald Crone£4,390
5Martin Bader£3,490
6Van Nguyen£2,730
7Kelly Saxby£2,202
8Constantin Capra£1,650
9Adrian Lambe£1,300

*reflects a heads-up deal

A bumper crowd of 339 players turned out for the £200 buy-in event and they were reduced to a more manageable 68 after the completion of Day 1. Those 68 surviving players returned to their seats on Sunday afternoon led by Martin Bader whose 529,600 stack contained almost 190,000 more chips than any of his opponents.

Unsurprisingly, Bader managed to use his big stack to his advantage and he progressed to the final table of nine, albeit with less chips than he started the day with.

2015 Genting Luton Anniversary Cup Final Table

1Phil Gregg3,450,000
2Jonathan Blissett350,000
3Kelly Saxby200,000
4Martin Bader520,000
5Constantin Capra1,200,000
6Tom Kugelstadt1,500,000
7Gerald Crone300,000
8Van Nguyen550,000
9Adrian Lambe200,000

Adrian Lambe was the first player eliminated from the final table and he was followed to the rail by Constantin Capra whose {10-}{10-} lost out to the {A-}{J-} of Phil Gregg when the latter flopped a jack and rivered a third.

Kelly Saxby was the next to fall, her {K-}{J-} failing to come from behind to beat the dominating {K-}{Q-} of Kugelstadt and when Van Nguyen couldn’t beat the full house of Gregg the tournament was left with only five players.

Those five became four with the exit of the aforementioned Bader. A three-way all-in that created a 3,000,000 chip pot saw Bader all-in with {Q-}{Q-}, Gregg with {3-}{3-} and Kugelstadt holding {A-}{K-}. A ten-high flop kept Bader’s queens in front, but an ace on the river improved Kugelstadt to the best hand and the gigantic pot was slid his way.

Gerald Crone then fell in fourth place and a few minutes later Jonathan Blissett joined him on the rail, yet another player falling victim to Kugelstadt.

Blissett’s exit in third place left the tournament in the heads-up stages, Kugelstadt trailing Gregg by 2,700,000 chips to 5,800,000. After around 20-minutes of one-on-one action, the players agreed to take £12,000 each and play on for the trophy and £3,130.

Kugelstadt managed to draw level with Gregg, then the latter pulled away once again, only for Kugelstadt to take the lead for what would be the final table because once he nudged in front he applied constant pressure and eventually emerged victorious.

The final hand saw the chips go into the middle prfelop, Kugelstadt holding {Q-Spades}{J-Diamonds} against the {A-Diamonds}{K-Hearts} of Gregg and when the five community cards ran {Q-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}{J-Clubs}{4-Clubs}{3-Diamonds} it was game over for Gregg and Kugelstadt added the Genting Luton Anniversary Cup to his recent DTD Deepstack victory.

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