Colin Gillon Wins the 2015 Genting Poker Series Edinburgh Main Event

Colin Gillon
  • Colin Gillon secures his largest ever live tournament score

  • Victory is Gillon's second live win in the past three months

  • Niall Farrell finishes second and now has more than $1.3 million in live tournament winnings

Colin Gillon is the latest player to take down a Genting Poker Series Main Event after he won the Edinburgh leg over the weekend. Gillon defeated his fellow Scotsman, Niall Farrell, heads-up to get his hands on the winner’s trophy and £25,270 in prize money.

2015 Genting Poker Series Main Event Final Table Results

1Collin Gillon£25,270*
2Niall Farrell£24,270*
3Dave Collins£13,200
4Kevin Finner£7,700
5Peter Hall£5,940
6Chun Kit Lee£4,840
7Jim Mclean£3,740
8Darren Grosvenor£2,920
9Neil Feenan£2,080

*reflects a heads-up deal

Day 3 began with 17 players, each guaranteed £1,100. Campbell Sarrison, Gary Bertram, Robbie Bull, Gavin McGuire and Stephen Ng all bust during the first hour of play to leave 12 players in the hunt for the title.

Majid Iqbal then ran his {J-}{J-} into Niall Farrell’s {A-}{A-} to be eliminated in 12th place and he was followed to the rail by Paul McTaggart whose comeback from being the start-of-day short stack was halted by Gillon.

Ten minutes after McTaggrt bust, William McClure open-shoved with {A-}{7-}, Gillon called with {8-}{8-} and when the five community cards contained no ace the final table was set.

2015 Genting Poker Series Edinburgh Main Event Final Table

1Neil Feenan309,000
2Jim McClean991,000
3Peter Hall254,000
4Darren Grosvenor633,000
5Dave Collins208,000
6Chun Kit Lee977,000
7Colin Gillon1,729,000
8Kevin Finnie866,000
9Niall Farrell919,000

It took an hour of play at the final table before a player bust, that player being Neil Feenan, but then only five more minutes for the second casualty to be confirmed.

Gillon opened the preflop betting, Farrell three-bet that raise only to see Darren Grosvenor four-bet shove for 500,000. Gillon folded but Farrell instantly called. Grosvenor showed {A-}{K-} and Farrell had been dealt {A-}{A-} again in a key hand. Those aces held to bust Grosvenor in eighth place.

Seventh place went to Jim McClean. Kevin Finnie opened to 52,000 and then had a mandatory call when McCLean moved all-in for 100,000. Finne showed {A-}{J-} and was dominating McClean’s {A-}{3-}. By the river Finne had improved to an unnecessary Broadway straight to send McClean to the sidelines.

Next to fall was Chun Kit Lee at the hands of Gillon. Lee raised to 55,000 and Gillon responded with a raise of his own to 135,000. Lee made it 285,000 to go and Gillon called. A {6-Clubs}{3-Clubs}{3-} flop saw Lee continuation bet to the tune of 250,000 and Gillon called. The {K-Spades} turn saw Lee move all-in and Gillon snap-call. Lee showed {A-}{7-} and was drawing dead to the {6-}{6-} of Gillon that had flopped a full house. A meaningless jack on the river confirmed Lee’s exit and left five players in the Main Event.

Another hour passed by before Peter Hall called an all-in bet from Farrell with {K-}{Q-} and couldn’t get there versus Farrell’s {A-}{9-} then an hour later the {A-}{9-} of Finne couldn’t repeat Farrell’s previous success with the hand and lost to {A-}{Q-}.

Dave Collins then exited in third place with a legitimate bad beat story to tell anyone within earshot. Farrell moved all-in from the small blind with {K-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds} and Collins woke up with {K-Spades}{K-Clubs} in the big blind, and obviously called. A {5-}{q-}{6-} flop with two diamonds gave Farrell outs to a flush with the {A-Diamonds} completing that flush and leaving Collins drawing dead. A trey on the river bust Collins and sent the tournament into the heads-up stages.

Gillon and Farrell agreed upon a deal to both take £24,720 each and play for the remaining £1,000 and the trophy. Within 20-minutes the tournament was over and Gillon crowned its champion.

The final hand saw Gillon raise to 125,000 and Farrell three-bet to 350,000. Gillon called and the dealer spread the {3-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds} flop. Farrell led for 275,000 and Gillon called. The turn was the {K-Spades} and Farrell fired again, making it 600,000 and Gillon once again called. Farrell then pushed all-in on the {K-Hearts} river and was instantly called by Gillon who flipped over {K-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds} for the flush, crushing the {A-}{A-} of Farrell to win the 2015 Genting Poker Series Edinburgh Main Event.

Next on the GPS schedule is a trip to Genting Club Star City in Birmingham for a GPS Mini event from October 21.

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