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$5 Million Guaranteed Knockout Week Runs October 12-18

PokerStars Knockout Week
  • Win cash without the need to reach the money place during Knockout Week

  • Aggressive play is rewarded during the PokerStars Knockout Week

Knockout, or bounty, tournaments have increased in popularity over the years and they’re set to continue attracting large crowds of players thanks to the upcoming Knockout Week at PokerStars.

Running from October 12-18, Knockout Week sees 35 different Knockout, Super Knockout and Progressive Super Knockout tournaments take place at the world’s largest online poker site. With buy-ins starting as low as $11 and increasing to $1,050, Knockout Week has something for everyone and with at least $5 million worth of guaranteed prizes to play for, players could be set for a significant boost to their bankrolls.

One of the main reasons knockout tournaments are popular is the fact they give players the opportunity to win cash without having to reach the money places. In Super Knockout tournaments, half of the buy-in goes into the prize pool and half as a bounty on each player’s head. Eliminate an opponent and you win their bounty so busting two players and you’re freerolling.

Progressive Super Knockout tournaments see a similar format except part of the bounty you collect is added to your own bounty, which makes you a more valuable target for your opponents. This format in particular leads to aggressive, action-packed poker and an exciting playing experience.

Knockout Week Schedule

Mon 12 Oct4:00pmEvent 01 - 6-Max, Turbo, Super Knockout$55$100,000
Mon 12 Oct6:45pmEvent 02 - Variable Speed, Progressive Super Knockout$82$125,000
Mon 12 Oct8:15pmEvent 03 - Ultra Stack, Turbo, Super Knockout$11$75,000
Mon 12 Oct9:45pmEvent 04 - 6-Max, Progressive Super Knockout$109$175,000
Mon 12 Oct11:30pmEvent 05 - Turbo, Progressive Super Knockout$27$75,000
Tue 13 Oct4:00pmEvent 06 - Variable Speed, Progressive Super Knockout$55$100,000
Tue 13 Oct6:45pmEvent 07 - Ultra Stack, Turbo, Super Knockout$82$125,000
Tue 13 Oct8:15pmEvent 08 - 6-Max, Progressive Super Knockout$11$75,000
Tue 13 Oct9:45pmEvent 09 - Turbo, Progressive Super Knockout$109$175,000
Tue 13 Oct11:30pmEvent 10 - Turbo, 6-Max, Super Knockout$27$75,000
Wed 14 Oct4:00pmEvent 11 - Ultra Stack, Turbo, Super Knockout$55$100,000
Wed 14 Oct6:45pmEvent 12 - 6-Max, Progressive Super Knockout$82$125,000
Wed 14 Oct8:15pmEvent 13 - Turbo, Progressive Super Knockout$11$75,000
Wed 14 Oct9:45pmEvent 14 - 6-Max, Turbo, Super Knockout$109$175,000
Wed 14 Oct11:30pmEvent 15 - Variable Speed, Progressive Super Knockout$27$75,000
Thu 15 Oct4:00pmEvent 16 - 6-Max, Progressive Super Knockout$55$100,000
Thu 15 Oct6:45pmEvent 17 - Thursday Thrill Special Edition$1,050$500,000
Thu 15 Oct8:15pmEvent 18 -Variable Speed, Progressive Super Knockout$11$75,000
Thu 15 Oct9:45pmEvent 19 -Variable Speed, Progressive Super Knockout$109$175,000
Thu 15 Oct11:30pmEvent 20 - Ultra Stack, Turbo, Super Knockout$27$75,000
Fri 16 Oct4:00pmEvent 21 - Turbo, Progressive Super Knockout$55$100,000
Fri 16 Oct6:45pmEvent 22 - 6-Max, Turbo, Super Knockout$82$125,000
Fri 16 Oct8:15pmEvent 23 - Variable Speed, Progressive Super Knockout$11$75,000
Fri 16 Oct9:45pmEvent 24 - Ultra Stack, Turbo, Super Knockout$109$175,000
Fri 16 Oct11:30pmEvent 25 - 6-Max, Progressive Super Knockout$27$75,000
Sat 17 Oct3:00pmEvent 26 - Saturday Eliminator Special Edition$27$100,000
Sat 17 Oct6:00pmEvent 27 - Saturday Super-Knockout Special Edition$320$300,000
Sat 17 Oct8:15pmEvent 28 - 6-Max, Turbo, Super Knockout$11$100,000
Sat 17 Oct9:45pmEvent 29 - Variable Speed, Progressive Super Knockout$109$200,000
Sat 17 Oct11:30pmEvent 30 - 6-Max, Progressive Super Knockout$27$75,000
Sun 18 Oct4:00pmEvent 31 - Variable Speed, Progressive Super Knockout$55$150,000
Sun 18 Oct5:30pmEvent 32 - Main Event, 6-Max, Progressive Super Knockout$215$500,000
Sun 18 Oct8:15pmEvent 33 - 6-Max, Progressive Super Knockout$11$100,000
Sun 18 Oct9:45pmEvent 34 - Turbo, Progressive Super Knockout$109$250,000
Sun 18 Oct11:30pmEvent 35 - Ultra Stack, Turbo, Super Knockout$27$100,000

Knockout Week Challenges

Throughout Knockout Week there are opportunities to win cash prizes of between $1 and $1,000 every day just for eliminating opponents, and between $5 and $5,000 in a weekly challenge. Complete the challenges and you’ll be awarded a prize at random.

Knockout two players in Knockout Week tournamentsBetween $1 and $1,000 cashDaily
Knockout two players in the same hand in Knockout Week tournamentsBetween $5 and $5,000Weekly

Knockout Week Leader Board

Eliminating two players during Knockout Week gives you access to a $10,000 freeroll that’s made up of a $5,000 prize pool and $5,000 in bounties. All players start with at least 3,000 chips, but finish in the top 1,000 places on the leader board and not only will you begin more chips, but you’ll also have an increased bounty on your head!

Leader Board placeStarting StackBounty
All others with at least two knockouts3,000N/A

Free Knockout Week Main Event Satellite Ticket

Download PokerStars via UK & Ireland PokerNews, enter the marketing code PNEWS32 when creating your account and then the bonus code STARS600 to be rewarded with a 100% up to $600 first deposit bonus. You can also make a reload to your account, of at least $10, using the bonus code KOWEEK to be gifted a free ticket worth $1 to a Knockout Week Main Event satellite.

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