Pia Jeppesen Wins the 2015 Genting Poker Series Stoke Main Event

Pia Jeppesen
  • Pia Jeppesen becomes only the second female winner of the Genting Poker Series Main Event

  • Simon Deadman comes back from six big blinds to finish fifth

  • GPS Edinburgh runs from September 29 through October 4

Pia Jeppesen became only the second female to win a Genting Poker Series (GPS) Main Event title after she outlasted 283 opponents in Stoke to get her hands on the winner’s trophy and £30,660 in prize money.

2015 Genting Poker Series Stoke Main Event Final Table Results

1Pia Jeppesen£30,660
2Gary Payne£20,450
3Rob Boon£13,630
4Cengiz Karasu£7,950
5Simon Deadman£6,140
6Steve Andreou£4,990
7Chris Johnson£3,870
8Leo McClean£3,010
9Athir Ali£2,160

Sunday’s Day 3 began with 21 players in contention, a figure that was reduced by eight within the first hour of play.

Joey Townsend

lost a flip with Leo McClean to become the 21st place finisher and he was followed to the rail, via the cashier’s desk, by Tom Haney, Alex Lindop, Craig Dawson, professional footballer Anthony Garnder, Gary Streetly, Stephen Miles and Vince Powell.

After that blistering start the flow of eliminations stopped for 90-minutes before resuming with three exits in quick succession. Mark McVey’s pocket fives couldn’t hold versus Gary Payne’s ace-king, then Payne’s jacks held against Brandon Sheils’ lowly king-eight to leave 11 players in the tournament.

Simon Deadman, who started Day 3 as the shortest stack, found pocket queens in a four-bet pot with Endit Geci (holding ace-jack), which flopped a set to put the tournament on the final table bubble.

It was Richard Wong who missed out on the opportunity for some time in the limelight when he put his short stack on the line with {K-}{J-} from the small blind only to see Deadman come from behind with his {Q-}{8-}, turning two pair.

2015 Genting Poker Series Stoke Main Event Final Table

1Gary Payne1,848,000
2Rob Boon933,000
3Pia Jeppesen1,254,000
4Simon Deadman1,048,000
5Leo McClean490,000
6Chirs Johnson520,000
7Cengiz Karasu271,000
8Athir Ali69,000
9Steve Andreou572,000

Blinds at the final table started at 12,000/24,000/3,000a so Athir Ali and his 69,000 chips was in a desperate situation. Ali looked down at {Q-Clubs}{10-Clubs} and three-bet all-in over the top of a Deadman raise to 50,000. Robert Boon cold-called and Deadman put in the extra chips too.

Boon and Deadman checked down the {A-}{A-}{A-Clubs}{3-Clubs}{K-Clubs} board, Deadman taking down the pot with {10-}{10-} for a full house.

An ill-timed move by Leo McClean saw him exit in eight place. McClean saw the action fold to him in the small blind and he jammed all-in for 300,000 with what turned out to be {J-}{9-}. Unfortunately for McClean, Chris Johnson held {A-}{A-} in the big blind and was never doing anything else other than snap-calling.

McClean picked up an inside straight draw on the {10-}{6-}{7-} and then picked up more outs when a queen landed on the turn. Any king or eight would have won McClean the pot, but the river was a six and his run was over.

Deadman winning after starting the day with six big blinds would have been a great story if it had happened, you can blame a horrid hand for it not happening.

Next to fall was Chris Johnson. The man known as “MAKKAPAKK” in online poker circles lost the majority of his chips when his {8-}{8-} ran into Steve Andreou’s {j-}{j-} and the rest went in with {A-}{2-} which ultimately lost to the {Q-}{3-} of Jeppesen who flopped two pair.

Andreou was next to fall on a cooler of a flop. Boon opened the betting with {K-}{Q-} and Andreou called from the big blind with {J-}{9-}. The {9-}{10-}{j-} flop gave Andreou two pair and Boon the nut straight. Unsurprisingly, all the chips went into the middle and when the turn and river bricked off, Andreou was gone.

Deadman winning after starting the day with six big blinds would have been a great story if it had happened, you can blame a horrid hand for it not happening.

Boon opened from the button and then called when Deadman three-bet all-in. Boon showed {A-Spades}{K-Spades} and Deadman {A-}{K-}. Just as a chopped pot looked the most likely outcome, the flop brought {8-Spades}{7-Spades}{7-} to give Boon a flush draw. The {7-Hearts} was the turn with the {9-Spades} on the river completing Boon’s flush and leaving Deadman with a genuine bad beat story.

Four-handed play lasted the best part of an hour and ended with the exit of Cengiz Karasu whose {A-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds} couldn’t get their versus Jeppesen’s dominating {A-}{7-} and when Boon ran {j-}{j-} into Gary Payne’s {K-}{K-} heads-up was set.

Payne went into the one-on-one battle holding 5,565,000 to Jeppesen’s 1,540,000 and looked nailed on for the win. However, within minutes of the restart, Payne set Jeppesen all-in for her 20 big blind stack with {A-}{4-} and Jeppesen instantly called with pocket queens. The ladies held for the lady and suddenly the Dane was back in contention.

A key hand took place shortly after midnight, which proved to be the penultimate hand played. Jeppesen led for 500,000 on a flop reading {2-}{8-}{9-} and Payne called. The turn was the {7-} and Jeppesen moved all-in for a large over-bet. Payne said: “I only have bottom pair, but I think you’re at it,” and called with {K-}{2-}. He couldn’t have been more wrong if he had tried because Jeppesen turned over {8-}{8-} for an unbeatable middle set!

That hand left Payne with only 80,000 chips or two-thirds of a big blind. Payne was all-n from the big blind with {5-}{5-} and Jeppesen held {Q-}{6-Diamonds}. A queen on the {q-}{10-}{3-} flop left Payne drawing to two out, out that failed to arrive, leaving Jeppesen to follow in Ellie Biessek’s footsteps by becoming a female Genting Poker Series champion.

Fans of the GPS don’t have long to wait until to get back in the action because GPS Edinburgh runs from September 28 through October 4.

Lead image courtesy of the Genting Poker Blog

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