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Table Selection No Longer Possible in Full Tilt Ring Games

Full Tilt
  • Full Tilt acts to eradicate "bum hunters"

  • Only Hold'em and Omaha cash games available at Full Tilt following update

  • Nosebleed stakes are no longer at Full Tilt

In a blog article earlier this month, Full Tilt’s Managing Director, Dominic Mansour, highlighted a number of changes the online poker site was in the process of implementing changes to its ring games that would “bring the fun back to online poker” and “make the site more exciting.”

Those changes came into play today.

Players who launch the Full Tilt client are prompted to update the software to the latest version. Once the update is complete, the changes to the ring game lobby become apparent.

Gone are the long list of individual tables, traditionally the view that the vast majority of online poker sites use, and in are groups of tables instead. The lobby is still sorted by stakes, number of tables and buy-in sizes, but players can no longer choose which seat they play in, the software find an open seat randomly and places them in it.

Taking to the Full Tilt blog again, Mansour uses the system employed by a live poker room to explain the new Full Tilt cash game lobby.

“When a player arrives at a live card room, they tell the poker room manager what game they want to play and the poker room manager will take them to a table with a free seat so that they can start playing straight away. As players join and leave the live card room, the poker room manager brings new people together to create new tables, and moves players from short-handed tables to ensure every player has the best possible experience.”

Another major change is the removal of all heads-up tables with immediate effect. Mansour highlights the fact that the heads-up games were being adversely impacted by the process known in the industry as “bum hunting” where more experienced players pray on weaker players and refuse to play similarly skilled opponents.

Also removed from Full Tilt’s cash game offering are the nosebleed stakes plus all stakes of Stud, Draw and Mixed Game tables. The maximum stakes available are now $10/$20 for No Limit Hold’em, $15/$30 for Fixed Limit Hold’em, $10/$20 for Pot Limit Omaha and $2/$5 for Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Low.

The previously mentioned plans to the alter the rake structure and rewards system were not updated with this new software release but UK & Ireland PokerNews understands these will be deployed in the coming weeks.

What do you think off the new Full Tilt changes? Let us know in the comments box below.

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