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Why You Need To Know About These Freerolls

Reasons Why You Should Know About These Freerolls
  • Discover two amazing PokerNews-exclusive freerolls

  • Compete for a share of $2,500 for free at PokerStars

  • Battle it out for a slice of $5,000 at Full Tilt

If this is your first venture out into the virtual universe of online poker, or you've made the journey so many times they are considering an all-new-exclusive movie starring you pillaging and conquering your opponents at the poker tables, there are two must-play exclusive freerolls coming up: PokerStars $2,500 special freeroll tournament and the Full Tilt $5,000 special freeroll tournament. And regardless of your skill level, you need a seat in both of them.

Let's Talk Freerolls

You may be very familiar with freerolls...or not...but if you believe freerolls aren't worth the time or energy, then you need to go back to Poker 101 and start from the beginning.

A freeroll will give you table experience and help you build your game.

Freerolls can help you in many ways. The first and most important feature of a freeroll is that you can get in and rumble without investing any money. It's a free ride to see if you can win real money or a seat in another tournament that moves you up a ladder of progression to a bigger reward.

Along with being risk-free, a freeroll will give you table experience and help you build your game. While it is true that many players will fire all their chips out every hand, going all-in with reckless disregard, other players will take a freeroll as a serious step in the learning progression and play their best to win.

Winning a freeroll is just as important as winning a buy-in tournament when it comes to the fundamentals of game play. On your road to the top spot, you are going to be able to assess your own skill and learn to make adjustments in your play — again, without investing your own cash — and winning adds a huge measure of confidence to your game.

You are going to find two exclusive freerolls that we are able to offer because of our special relationship with the following online poker sites.

When you find a freeroll with a big cash prize pool, (IF you can even find one), you will normally end up playing against a monster field and all of them are trying to beat you to the top. The great news about exclusive freerolls is that you will play against a much smaller field since only those that qualify are going to win a seat.

The Two Must-Play Exclusive Freerolls

It’s very difficult to find freerolls with a massive prize pool but we’ve gone one better, instead of finding one, you are going to find two exclusive freerolls that we are able to offer because of our special relationship with the following online poker sites. And we’ll tell you how to qualify for a seat too!

PokerNews-exclusive Full Tilt $5,000 Freeroll:

The $5,000 freeroll at Full Tilt is already available in the Full Tilt lobby.

  • Tournament Name:PokerNews $5k Freeroll
  • Tournament ID#: 293771817
  • Date: August 7, 2015
  • Time: 14:00 ET (19:00 GMT / 20:00 CET)
  • Qualification: New depositors & PokerNews-linked players that earn 200FTPs in July

If you are a new player at Full Tilt, simply download Full Tilt through PokerNews and make a deposit before July 31.

If you previously downloaded Full Tilt through our links, qualify by generating 200 FTPs between July 1 - 31. This only requires about $20 in raked play.

Find more information on this PokerNews-exclusive $5,000 Full Tilt freeroll here.

PokerNews-exclusive PokerStars $2,500 Freeroll:

Head to the PokerStars lobby to find the following:

  • Tournament Name:PokerNews $2.5k Freeroll
  • Tournament ID: 1250497342
  • Date: August 7, 2015
  • Time: 14:00 EST
  • Qualification: New depositors & PokerNews linked players that earn 100VPPs in July

If you are a PokerNews referred player, jump into your favorite cash games and start generating 100 VPPs before July 31, and you’ll have a ticket waiting for you to freeroll on August 7.

If you’re a new player, download PokerStars through PokerNews, and use our marketing code PNEWS32 and our STARS600 bonus code, and make a deposit between July 1 -31, 2015. Take advantage of a 100% up to $600 on your first deposit at PokerStars, this is a one-time deal. As soon as your account and deposit are finalized, you’re ready to freeroll.

More information is available on our exclusive $2,500 PokerStars freeroll on this page.

We did mention that playing an exclusive freeroll was a huge advantage over the freerolls that normally have fields that could run in the thousands and when you look at the prize pools of these two special freerolls, it’s easy to see how the fields could become gigantic. But you’ll be playing against a much smaller field of qualifiers and that gives your tournament game skills a chance to shine through.

Don’t wait! Qualify today for both of these freerolls and give yourself a shot at a piece of $7,500 in August!

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