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Two British Croupiers Jailed For Roulette Scam

Coral Island casino, Blackpool

Two casino workers were jailed this week after being found guilty of a roulette scam that stole £23,000 from Coral Island casino in Blackpool.

Craig Walker, 26, and Daniel Johnson, 29, were croupiers at Coral Island casino in Blackpool where they hatched a plot to scam the casino by rigging the roulette wheel. During one of the quieter shifts, the pair would signal to an accomplice, Kevin Traynor, 32, and then perform what is known as a “no spin” where the ball stays in the same spot. Traynor would then increase his bet amount from £25 to £100 and split the cash with Walker and Johnson.

According to The Mirror, Richard Monroe, the casino manager, grew suspicious about the scam in January 2015, two months after the trio began defrauding the casino. Monroe was concerned about Traynor’s betting patters and the fact he was walking away with big wins despite gambling with small amounts. Computer records show that Traynor pocketed £2,100 in one payout.

After studying CCTV footage, Monroe discovered that Walker would scratch his head before the “no spin” and Traynor would increase his bet size accordingly. Ironically, Walker was a senior croupier whose job included ensuring game were being played fairly.

All three men were arrested and pleaded guilty at Preston Crown Court. Johnson was jailed for 12 months, Walker for 14 months and Traynor received a nine-month suspended sentence and ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work.

Walker’s solicitor, Fraser Livesey, said of his client: “He will never again work in the trade he has learned since he was 18. No one is ever going to trust him again.”

During sentencing, Recorder Nicholas Clarke QC said to the men: On eight occasions you operated the game in such a way that your stooge, who you brought in from Manchester, could come in and play the game to win.

“You gave a signal, a no spin was arrange which prompted an increased bet and so secured a larger win than you would by playing by chance or without the knowledge of the wheel.”

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