Matty Stitt Wins Inaugural GPS Mini Liverpool For £14,450

Matty Stitt: 2015 GPS Mini Liverpool winner

At the start of 2015, UK & Ireland PokerNews reached out to the Genting Poker Series (GPS) management team and talked about their quest to inject some fun back into poker. One way they planned on doing this was to launch the GPS Mini Series across the United Kingdom, with one stop being in Liverpool.

The inaugural GPS Mini Liverpool saw 277 players buy in for £200+£20 and 74 of those players progressed to the final day. Day 2 commenced at 3:00 pm on Sunday 21 June and it took four hours to reach the money places.

Huw Roberts was the unfortunate bubble boy, busting in 29th place, when his {A-}{K-} couldn’t get there against the {K-}{K-} of Michael Lyons with the board running {8-}{3-}{5-}{7-}{4-}.

Over the next five hours, the 28 in-the-money players were reduced to the final table of nine where Jonny Z sat with 1,773,000 chips, over 650,000 more chips than that of his nearest rival.

2015 GPS Mini Liverpool Final Table

1Peter Hytner875,000
2Joe McKeown417,000
3Kev Warrilow579,000
4Ted Ames503,000
5Danny Wilson383,000
6Andy Muldoon860,000
7Matty Stitt1,125,000
8Jonny Z1,773,000
9Tony Johnston436,000

It didn’t take too long for the first final table casualty to be confirmed. Andy Muldoon opened and was called by Matty Stitt. Muldoon then bet every street of the {J-}{8-}{9-}{6-}{8-} board, shoving all-in on the river. Stitt looked up every bet, including the all-in bet, and showed {Q-}{J-}, beating Muldoon’s {K-}{Q-}.

Stitt then sent Danny Wilson to the rail when his pocket sevens held against {9-}{8-} all-in preflop, although Wilson only had a six big blind stack, and then found {A-}{9-} when Kev Warrilow had pushed his chips in with {A-}{7-} to send another player to the rail.

Joe McKeown then fell in a massive pot involving Tony Johnston. McKeown opened to 100,000 with {J-}{10-} and was called by Johnston and his {K-}{Q-}. The flop fell {K-Hearts}{A-Hearts}{8-Hearts} which both players checked, leading to the {Q-Spades} on the turn. Johnston bet 125,000 , McKeown raised to 300,000 and Johnston raised all-in for 1,100,000. McKeown called and was in great shape to win the huge pot until a king completed the community cards to send him home in fifth place.

The remaining four players paused the tournament and struck a deal, a deal that saw Stitt lock up £13,000 and the other three players £7,000 , leaving the trophy and £1,450 for the champion.

Fourth place went to Johnston who lost a coinflip to Jonny Z. Johnston held {A-}{8-} and Jonny Z pocket fours and although Johnston caught an eight on the flop, Jonny Z hit a set on the river to leave only three players in the tournament.

Those three became two with the exit of Peter Hytner. He committed his short stack with {J-}{6-} an Jonny Z called with {J-}{2-}. A deuce on the river for Jonny Z was enough to win the pot and send the tournament into the heads-up stages.

Both heads-up players were level in chips, but it only took a couple of minutes to change that fact. Stitt opened, Jonny Z shoved all-in and Stitt called, turning over {Q-}{Q-} as he did so. Those queens faced the {A-}{4-} and then crushed that holding when a third queen appeared on the river, locking up the hand and guaranteeing Stitt victory.

2015 GPS Mini Liverpool Final Table Results

1Matty Stitt£14,450*
2Jonny Z£7,000*
3Peter Hytner£7,000*
4Tony Johnston£7,000*
5Joe McKeown£2,990
6Ted Ames£2,440
7Kevin Warrilow£1,880
8Danny Wilson£1,470
9Andy Muldoon£1,050

*reflects a four-way deal

Next up for the GPS Mini is a visit to Luton on July 15, which again guarantees a £30,000 prize pool, but if Liverpool is a gauge to how the GPS Mini Series is going to pan out, the Luton leg should pay out much more prize money.

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