Partypoker Grand Prix Million Facing Potential Massive Overlay

2015 partypoker Grand Prix Million

Nobody could ever accuse Dusk Till Dawn (DTD) owner Rob Yong of not putting his money where his mouth his but it appears that he may have bitten off more than he could chew by running the $1 million guaranteed Grand Prix Million.

When the partypoker Grand Prix Million was announced a few months ago, it captured the imagination of the British poker community, not least because the guaranteed prize pool was set at a staggering $1 million despite only costing $100+$20 to buy into. Captivated the poker players may be, yet they are not showing their support in the numbers that Yong and his excellent team need to avoid being left with egg on their faces and their bank balances dented.

Yong has been updating his blog on a daily basis and it hear that, as he always does, he shoots from the hip. According to Yong’s figures and calculations, he is looking at a shortfall of 2,110 players and in monetary terms that is a wallet-damaging $211,000.

Reaching out to his loyal following, Yong writes:

“Aghhhhh, where the goodness gracious me are these Day 1 buy-ins, still just 176 in the partypoker lobby out of the 6,809 more buy-ins needed, this is such a painful week, my staff are working their socks off - even the hundreds of players with online Grand Prix Tickets are not buying into their chosen Day 1.

Never have I had such a lack lustre response from players, what have I done wrong to these players - I bet thousands of players know me personally yet only 7 players have bought into the Saturday 5pm Day 1 Live, do I tell Simon (Trumper) to rota for 25 players for a Day 1 that we moved mountains to put on at players request? Even with 3200 entries in the forecast for Fri and Sat we only have 116 bought in. Looking down the barrel of a $211,000 shortfall unless something happens with the buy-ins.

I feel like putting my head down the toilet and letting my worst enemy flush it.

Yours sincerely, Robert Thomas Yong”

Yong is urging those who are planning to play in this spectacular event to log into their partypoker accounts and buy in well in advance of their chosen start date. The reason for this is so he and his tournament team can plan rotas and not have dozens of extra dealers, valets and all the other staff sat around twiddling their thumbs, or the complete opposite, not having enough staff when an unexpected deluge of players floods into the Nottingham-based club.

Remember, you can only buy into the Grand Prix Million via your partypoker account. Don't worry if you want to buy-in with cash. The team at DTD can add it to your account there and then. If you don’t have a partypoker account you can download one via UK & Ireland PokerNews and get your hands on a 100% up to £250 first deposit bonus.

If the $100+$20 buy-in is out of the realms of your bankroll, don’t worry because there are a plethora of satellites running around the clock at partypoker. Qualifiers start as low as $0.01 but our two personal choices is the Daily DTD that runs every night at 8:00pm.

This tournament is a $27.50 buy-in that features a $10,000 guaranteed prize pool that is made up of $2,400 worth of $120 DTD tickets and cash. Each of these tournaments has overlaid significantly since their launch and represent massive value.

Yong and his DTD team have revolutionised the British poker scene. They stuck their neck on the block to try and rescue the ill-fated International Stadiums Poker Tour at Wembley. They were instrumental in getting PokerStars to place a £1 million guarantee on the UKIPT Main Event there. They worked tirelessly to bring the World Poker Tour and the WPT500 to the Midlands. All they have asked for in return is the poker community’s support, support that is needed now more than ever before.

They say “build it and they shall come.” DTD has invested an additional £35,000 in erecting a marquee to accommodate as many players as possible so they have literally built it. The rest is now up to you and your follow poker players.

2015 partypoker Grand Prix Million Remaining Start Days

Wed 20 May5:00pmLive at Dusk Till Dawn
Wed 20 May7:00pmOnline at partypoker
Wed 20 May9:30pmOnline at partypoker
Thu 21 May12:00pmLive at Dusk Till Dawn
Thu 21 May5:00pmLive at Dusk Till Dawn
Thu 21 May7:00pmOnline at partypoker
Thu 21 May9:30pmOnline at partypoker
Fri 22 May12:00pmLive at Dusk Till Dawn
Fri 22 May5:00pmLive at Dusk Till Dawn
Fri 22 May7:00pmOnline at partypoker
Fri 22 May9:30pmOnline at partypoker
Fri 22 May10:00pmLive at Dusk Till Dawn
Sat 23 May10:00amOnline at partypoker
Sat 23 May10:00amLive at Dusk Till Dawn
Sat 23 May3:00pmOnline at partypoker
Sat 23 May5:00pmLive at Dusk Till Dawn
Sat 23 May7:00pmOnline at partypoker
Sat 23 May9:30pmOnline at partypoker
Sat 23 May10:00pmLive at Dusk Till Dawn
Sun 23 May10:00amOnline at partypoker
Sun 23 May10:00amLive at Dusk Till Dawn

This graphic gives you all the information that you should require for your partypoker Grand Prix Million quest.

Partypoker Grand Prix Million Facing Potential Massive Overlay 101

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