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Antonius Samuel Wins the Inaugural partypoker Grand Prix Million

Antonius Samuel the 2015 partypoker Grand Prix Million winner

Almost all of Antonius Samuel’s $18,138 in live tournament winnings have stemmed from tournaments held at Nottingham’s Dusk Till Dawn (DTD). Until May 25, Samuel’s largest cash weighed in at £3,175 ($5,070), his reward for a seventh place finish in the WPT Nottingham Warm-Up.

Today, Samuel is on cloud nine after outlasting 7,249 opponents to become the 2015 partypoker Grand Prix Million champion, an accolade that comes with a trophy and a first place prize of $100,000.

The final live day took place on Monday 25 May and saw 50 players return to their seats, each guaranteed $2,750 for their effort this far, a sum boosted by the fact the tournament’s $1 million guarantee was missed by some $275,000.

Top poker talent such as Vaidas Siriunas (49th for $2,750), Timotheos “TimTim” Timotheou (45th for $3,000), Paul Coughlan (44th for $3,000), Tristan Chaplin (39th for $3,500), Yiannis Liperis (31st for $4,000), Julian Thew (23rd for $4,750), Mark Lane (19th for $5,000), and Jack Allen (16th for $5,500) all fell short of a final table appearance.

A special mention has to be given to Fatdog Poker member Lee Connett who qualified for the $1,000,000 guaranteed event for a paltry $0.01 and turned that into $5,500 by navigating his way to a 17th place finish.

The final table kicked off as evening approached but Bartosz Przewiezlikowski wasn’t there for long because he moved all-in with {5-}{5-} in attempt to double up but was looked up by Kuljinder Sidhu and his {7-}{7-}. Those sevens held – the actually improved to a full house on the river – and Przewiezlikowski bust in ninth place.

Patrick Sunter was the first player to crash out of the official eight-handed final table, in a cooler of a hand involving Daniel Harwood. The latter opened with {Q-}{Q-} from early position and Sunter called from the small blind with {A-Hearts}{K-Clubs}. The flop came down with both a king and a queen showing, and the chips went flying into the middle with Sunter in bad shape. Neither the turn or river came to Sunter’s rescue and he headed to the rail.

Early favourite, Kuljinder Sidhu was flying high before his jacks lost to ace-queen then his pocket fives ran into a pair of kings. The last of Sidhu’s chips went into the middle with {5-}{2-} and Stacy Coore called with {A-}{Q-}. Neither player improved their holding by the river and Sidhu bust in seventh place.

Next to fall was Harwood who committed his stack with top set on the turn only to run into the straight of Tasos Grigoriou.

Vlad Alexandru Lazariciu bust in fifth place, then Nadeem Ali fell by the wayside followed by the aforementioned Grigoriou to leave only Stacy Coore and Antonius Samuel in the hunt for the six-figure first place prize.

Samuel took a huge lead when he found {A-Hearts}{A-Clubs} when Coore held {7-Clubs}{7-Spades}. A final board reading {9-Hearts}{9-Clubs}{Q-Hearts}{J-Diamonds}{A-Spades} left Coore with a meagre three big blind stack.

Those three big blinds went into the pot when Samuel raised all-in with {10-Hearts}{7-Hearts} and Coore called with {A-Clubs}{2-Hearts}. Coore looked set to double up because by the turn the board read {5-Diamonds}{4-Spades}{J-Clubs}{5-Clubs} but {10-Spades} on the river improved Samuel to a pair of tens and he was crowned the partypoker Grand Prix Million champion.

partypoker Grand Prix Million Final Table Results

1Antonius Samuel$100,000
2Stacy Coore$65,000
3Tasos Grigoriou$45,000
4Nadeem Ali$35,000
5Vlad Alexandru Lazariciu$26,350
6Daniel Harwood$19,000
7Kuljinder Sidhu$13,500
8Patrick Sunter$10,000
9Bartosz Przewiezlikowski$8,000

If you missed out on Grand Prix Million glory this time around don’t worry because Rob Yong and his team are putting another $1 million guaranteed event in December, more on that in another article.

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