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Gabriel Iemmito Wins Second APAT WCOAP Title In a Week

Gabriel Iemmito

Earlier this week, UK & Ireland PokerNews took a look at the results from the first four events of the 2015 Amateur Poker Association & Tour (APAT) World Championships Of Amateur Poker (WCOAP) that is currently in full swing at Aspers casino in Stratford, London.

One of the first champions of the 2015 WCOAP was Italy's Gabriel Iemmito who outlasted a field of 33 entrants in the Open Face Chinese Poker event. Iemmito's prize on that occasion was £605 in cash, a coveted gold medal and a commemorative WCOAP bracelet. Iemmito now has a bracelet for each wrist — plus an additional gold medal and £1,005 in cash — after he emerged victorious in the Mix Max event to win his second title within a week. Quite an achievement we're sure that you'll agree.

2015 WCOAP Event #5: Mix Max Final Table Results

Gabriel Iemmito
Gabriel Iemmito

Entrants: 59
Prize pool: £2,950

1Gabriel Iemmito£1,005
2Adam Watkins£678
3Grant Gardner£440
4Nguyen Viet Ann£350
5Jon Reece£265
6Eamonn Gavin£205

The sixth event on the schedule almost had a double winner because by the time the 73 entrants on the 4/5/6 card Pot Limit Omaha Dealer's Choice event were reduced to the final table of nine, Event #3's champion, Milena Langdale, was still in contention for the title. By the time only three players remained Langdale was still in the hunt, but eventual champion Tony Marren sent Langdale to the rail and spoiled the party.

2015 WCOAP Event #6: Pot Limit Omaha 4/5/6 Final Table Results

Tony Marren
Tony Marren

Entrants: 73
Prize pool: £3,650

1Tony Marren£1,220
2Steve Rodderick£765
3Milena Langdale£490
4John Burberry£365
5John Olson£270
6Chris Webber£215
7Lisa Hawkes£180

The busiest event of the 20015 WCOAP so far took place on Tuesday lunchtime, which makes the 158-strong crowd even more impressive. When the dust finally settled in the early hours of Wednesday morning it was Stewart Kirby who was the last man standing, claiming not only his first cash in an APAT event but also his first APAT title.

2015 WCOAP Event #7: No Limit Hold’em Final Table Results

Stewart Kirby
Stewart Kirby

Entrants: 158
Prize pool: £7,900

1Stewart Kirby£2,080
2Mark Nelson£1,420
3Benjamin Naylor£915
4Jay Kirby£675
5Keith Miller£505
6Graham Hawkes£405
7Nathan Whiteman£335
8Florian Calin£270
9Sandra Reid£200

Rounding out this short recap is the result from the Mixed event, which saw players battle it out for one round of no limit Hold'em and then one of pot limit Omaha.

Hungary's Balazs Somodi dealt with the changes the best and he bulldozed his way to the victory, adding £1,135 in prize money to his already impressive total of $172,833.

2015 WCOAP Event #8: NLHE/PLO Mix Final Table Results

Balazs Somodi
Balazs Somodi

Entrants: 75
Prize pool: £3,750

1Balazs Somodi£1,135
2Marco Locicero£785
3Sean De Souza£505
4Feroz Baloch£375
5Luca Cannella£280
6Derek Rowland£225
7Alberto Herranz£185
8Simon Lawlor£150
9Gonzalo Pro£110

There are plenty more events for players to compete in before the WCOAP ends on April 6, so head to Apsers and get involved in what is a fantastic series of tournaments.

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