Matas Cimbolas Leads Star-Studded Final 31 in the 2015 UKPC Main Event

Matas Cimbolas

£200,000. That is the massive sum that one of 31 players is going to leave Nottingham with today when the 2015 Sky Poker UK Poker Championships Main Event concludes at Dusk Till Dawn. The least any of those returnees will receive is £4,500, but with more than 40 times that reserved for the champion, none of them will want to collect it.

Rather unsurprisingly, it is Matas Cimbolas who enters the final day as the tournament's chip leader. The in-form Lithuanian sits down 5,845,000 chips, more than double the stack of the talented Tom Hall (2,900,000) in second place.

If we were betting people, and we are, we would lump on Cimbolas at least reaching the final table. Should he make it that far he would surely be a favourite to walk away with his third Nottingham title in the past three months.

Among those joining Cimbolas and Hall through to Day 2 are Jonathan “Skalie” Kalmar (2,600,000), Dewi James (2,080,000), Paul McTaggart (1,705,000), David Lloyd (1,555,000), Rupinder Bedi (1,450,000), Fraser Bellamy (1,365,000), Paul “ActionJack” Jackson (1,080,000), Morten Mortensen (1,000,000) and The Firm member Kevin Williams (665,000).

2015 Sky Poker UK Poker Championships Main Event End-of-Day 2 Chip Counts

1Matas Cimbolas5,845,000
2Tom Hall2,900,000
3Jonathan Kalmar2,600,000
4Andrew Garland2,380,000
5Jamie Clossick2,360,000
6Dewi James2,080,000
7Tom Kugelstadt2,060,000
8Padraig O'Neill2,020,000
9Farhaan Khan1,910,000
10Paul Mctaggart1,705,000
11Nigel Dunbar-Dempsey1,685,000
12Darren Crosby1,625,000
13Alan Taddei1,605,000
14Alan Saluk1,590,000
15David Lloyd1,555,000
16John Haigh1,500,000
17Rupinder Bedi1,450,000
18Fraser Bellamy1,365,000
19Mark Elliott1,335,000
20Aleksandrs Golubevs1,290,000
21David Mcconachie1,250,000
22Christopher Vernon1,090,000
23Paul Jackson1,080,000
24Michael Cowper-Johnson1,025,000
25Morten Mortensen1,000,000
26Gordon Mcarthur885,000
27Chris Dowling770,000
28Kevin Williams665,000
29Ian Burdon665,000
30Hui Jin520,000
31Terrance Davies175,000

Each of the 31 remaining players is guaranteed £4,500 for their efforts after the bubble burst on Day 2. It was the popular figure of Steve Watts who was the unfortunate bubble boy, three-bet shoving a short stack over the top of a Tom Hall button raise. Watts showed {6-}{6-} and was in terrible shape against the {K-}{K-} of Hall. A final board reading {9-}{Q-}{3-}{7-}{Q-} kept Hall's king in front and left Watts to make the walk of shame in 90th place, the last man not to receive any prize money.

Watts' untimely demise meant that the exits of Tamer Kamel, Alex Goulder, Stephen Bean, Gabriel Tuna, Leo McClean, Sin Melin, and Ben Spraggons were rewarded with cash.

Play resumes at 1:00pm and continues until a champion is crowned. Who will that champion be? Tune into UK & Ireland PokerNews on Monday to find out.

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