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Sunday Briefing: Three Brits Reach TCOOP Main Event Final Table

Sunday Briefing: Three Brits Reach TCOOP Main Event Final Table 0001

While Victor Ilyukhin was marching on toward glory in the 2015 Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) London Main Event, scores of online grinders were in search of big scores at the virtual felt in the various Sunday Majors taking place.

Sunday ended in disappointment for many, as is the nature of tournament poker, but for some Sunday was a day to remember. Just ask the trio of Brits who reached the final table of the biggest PokerStars tournament of the weekend.

A total of 4,169 players bought into the Turbo Championship Of Online Poker (TCOOP) Main Event at PokerStars, creating a $,772,385 prize pool as they did so. This ridiculous sum was shared among the top 540 finishers, a min-cash worth $1,164.40 and $435,266.90 earmarked for the eventual champion.

Players such as Talal “raidalot” Shakerchi (267th for $1,663.43), Conor “1_conor_b_1” Beresford (232nd for $1,940.66), Gavin “gavz101” Cochrane, Tom “GaggleoKings” Ambler (90th for $4,158.57) and “pilsuhng” (20th for $7,069.58) all helped themselves to some Main Event cash, but the best was yet to come.

Each of the nine table members locked up $22,179.08, a welcome score at the best of times. However, our grinders banked much more than that because by the time British player “basil86” busted in fifth place the prize money had increased to $117,826.36.

Fourth place went to the highly rated Ben Spraggons, a player with more than $2.3 million in online cashes. Prior to Sunday, Spraggons' largest cash was for $35,485 but now he has a huge $159,412.13 to brag about thanks to this remarkable result.

Amazingly, Spraggons' score was not the largest had by a Brit because “PitBully01” went one place deeper, finishing third for a cool $228,721.76 for his efforts.

There was a six-figure score for one of our heroes in the Sunday Million thanks to “honestpolicy” navigating his way to third place where the remaining prize pool was chopped. When the negotiations were complete, honestpolicy was $122,884.33 richer.

Other impressive PokerStars Sunday Major Results include:

  • TCOOP-45: Clarkson07 won $30,000.00 for finishing second
  • TCOOP-45: chrissyh59 won $8,656.05 for finishing sixth
  • TCOOP-45: CunningPlan won $3,638.05 for finishing eighth
  • The Bigger $109: knottyhunk won $37,500.00 for finishing third
  • The Bigger $109: Sh0w3rs4u won $4,216.60 for finishing eighth
  • Sunday 500: Niall “Firaldo87” Farrell won $34,501.50 for finishing third
  • The Bigger $162: Rowniwn won $20,424.00 for finishing third
  • TCOOP-50: Piri1 won $78,666.34 for finishing second

Over at Full Tilt, Patrick “pads1161” Leonard finished sixth in the Big Ben for $2,465.00, a sum dwarfed by the $20,128.00 won by Jude “j_thaddeus” Ainsworth who finished as runner-up in The Sunday Major.

There were two players who call the UK home at the final table of the Super Sized Sunday. “Mrluckypants” and “abbamy” finished fourth and seventh for scores of $9,720.00 and $3,645.00. The same was fact was true in The T-Rex where Stephen “wd1head” Woodhead busted eighth for $1,500.00 and Andy “wiisssppppaaaaa” Taylor finished second for $9,600.00.

Rounding out the Sunday Briefing for another week are a handful of scores at 888poker.

In the $100,000 Sunday Challenge, Raven Jet "ravenbyrne" Byrne helped himself to $25,994.64 when he was the last man standing. “ilovelundy” finished eighth in the same tournament for $2,475.68. The player known as “I_Rage__Quit” reached the final table of the $100,000 Mega Deep, eventually falling in sixth place for a $5,944.00 addition to his bankroll.

Congratulations to everyone helping themselves to big scores in this weekend's majors, let's hope the run good continues long into the week.

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