Rob Yong Set To Launch The partypoker Grand Prix Tour

Rob Yong in action at the tables

Earlier this week, UK & Ireland PokerNews revealed that Dusk Till Dawn and partypoker had entered a multi-year branding agreement that DTD owner Rob Yong says will stimulate grassroots poker in the United Kingdom. A day later, Yong took to his computer and penned a blog that talked more about the deal and gave some insight into the plans he and the partypoker management team have in the pipeline.

Once the upcoming Sky Poker UK Poker Championships are completed, the DTD club in Nottingham will be adorned with partypoker branding. The regular £300 Deepstack event is to be renamed The partypoker Deepstack and the ever-popular Grand Prix receiving the new name of The partypoker Grand Prix with satellites to each of the events, plus any online Day 1s, being available in the partypoker client.

While this news is great for the players, it is the plans for a new UK live poker tour that have got our hairs standing on end with excitement.

Yong writes in his blog: “To generate interest in poker at the grass roots level across the whole of the UK, we will be launching The partypoker Grand Prix Tour, planned to be a £50 buy-in with a £250,000 guarantee for each leg. 5,000 entries required “DTD size” venues and Gary Oakes is in discussion with various football stadiums.

“The partypoker Grand Prix Tour will bring the DTD experience t you – the full DTD crew will be present including Simon Trumper to announce shuffle up and deal and the DTD valets to serve you.”

A £250,000 guaranteed tournament that only costs £50 to enter is insane, but if anyone can make this work it is Yong and his team. It's not the first time that Yong has put his cojones on the line; it definitely won't be the last. You may recall that it was Yong who fought for a £1 million guarantee on the UKIPT Nottingham Main Event despite it being a £700 buy-in. Yong also slapped huge guarantees on World Poker Tour events, his own DTD-based tournaments and even went as far to guarantee a €1 million first place prize in the ill-fated International Stadiums Poker Tour (ISPT) Wembley Main Event.

Yong has pleaded with the loyal DTD members to be patient during the transition period, to wipe the slate clean in regards to any impressions of partypoker they may have and to provide constructive criticism when it is needed.

“Rome was not built in a day and neither was DTD. It was two years and £2m of delay costs before the government would even let us open our doors, but even the most opinionated poker player in the UK would struggle to say that DTD has not delivered exactly what the UK poker community ordered.”

“I need everyone who has faith in me delivering to get behind partypoker UK and not bust my balls over any previous partypoker experiences or current partypoker niggles, gripes and moans. Equally, please do not keep any current constructive negative feedback to yourself, but rather than slaughter me, DTD or partypoker on social media, give me your constructive feedback. I just need a little patience on your part to deliver the improvements.”

“Re-invigorating live and online poker in the UK means everyone will be a winner, not just recreational players but pro players will also benefit from a larger player pool.”

Interesting and exciting times are ahead if you are a poker player in the UK, it will be interesting to be a part of that is for sure.

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