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Christopher Gordon Wins partypoker WPT National London Main Event

Christopher Gordon: 2015 partypoker WPT National UK London champion

The latest instalment of the partypoker World Poker Tour National UK London Main Event concluded on Sunday night when Christopher Gordon came out on top to claim the £22,500 first place prize, the winner's trophy and the title of champion.

Day 3 began with 24 players in the hunt for the title but within the first hour James Manlove, Umberan Akhtar, Matthew Buckland, and early favourite Kevin Allen had crashed out to leave only two tables of players.

During the next hour of play, Maurius Lietuvninkas, Andrew Bell, Chan Ha, Karl Roberts, partypoker WPT UK Main Event champion Matas Cimbolas, Jamal Gormati, Christopher Yong, Paul Siliceo and Jeraint “JJ” Hazan crashed out of the tournament, Hazan's exit in 10th place setting the final table.

partypoker WPT National UK London Main Event Final Table

1Laurence Essa2,095,000
2Jesus Gracia830,000
3Darren Mapley1,500,000
4Petrir Papushi780,000
5Christoper Gordon485,000
6Rahim Tadj-Saadat2,035,000
7Kenny King870,000
8Lucio Pacifico2,120,000
9Michel Melkert545,000

It took only 30-minutes of action for the final table to lose its first player. Michel Melkert moved all-in for 225,000 at the 20,000/40,000/5,000a level with {A-Spades}{9-Clubs} and Laurence Essa called from the button with the dominating {A-Clubs}{K-Hearts}. The {K-Clubs}{7-Diamonds}{J-Hearts}{Q-Spades}{4-Spades} board provided no relief for Melkert and he busted in ninth place.

A few minutes later and the players received a little more elbow room thanks to the elimination of Rahim Tadj-Saadat. Darren Mapley raised to 100,000 from under the gun with {A-Clubs}{Q-Clubs} and Tadj-Saadat called, as did Jesus Gracia, the latter being in the big blind. The flop fell {7-Diamonds}{2-Spades}{q-Diamonds}, Gracia checked, Mapley bet 300,000 and Tadj-Saadat raised all-in for 750,000. Gracia mucked, but Mapley called to be shown {a-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds} for the flush draw. The {4-Clubs} turn was followed into view by the {3-Hearts} river, keeping Mapley's hand best and leaving the final table with seven players.

Those seven became six with the exit of Flight 1 chip leader Lucio Pacifico. The action passed to Pacifico in the cutoff and he jammed all-in for 605,000 with {10-Hearts}{9-Spades} (blinds 25,000/50,000/5,000a) and Essa called with {6-Spades}{6-Clubs}.

Pacifico took the lead on the {10-Diamonds}{4-Clubs}{8-Clubs} flop and stayed in front when the {Q-Clubs} landed on the turn. Essa needed to catch a club or a six to avoid doubling up his opponent, which he did when the {2-Clubs} completed the five community cards to gift Essa an unlikely flush.

Moments later, Petrit Papushi was heading for the cashier's cage. Essa made it 125,000 to play, Papushi three-bet to 250,000 and Essa moved all-in. Papushi tanked for more than a minute before deciding to call with {K-Hearts}{K-Spades} and a surprised Essa flipped over {A-Hearts}{Q-Clubs}. Papushi was drawing dead by the turn of the {a-Spades}{j-Spades}{a-Diamonds}{q-Hearts}{10-Spades} board and Essa soared into a massive chip lead.

More than an hour played out before Kenny King's tournament came to an end. It was a “standard” hand that saw Christopher Gordon move all-in from the small blind with {Q-Diamonds}{7-Spades} and King calling off his last seven big blinds with {A-Hearts}{8-Clubs}. It looked like the ace-high of King was going to earn him a timely double, but a queen on the river of the {j-Spades}{2-Hearts}{5-Spades}{9-Hearts}{Q-Hearts} board put paid to those ideas.

Next to fall was Darren Mapley in fourth place. Mapley, who finished 18th in this event in 2014 before winning the Newcastle leg, raised to 175,000 at the 40,000/80,000/10,000a level, Gordon three-bet jammed and for arund 1.6 million and Mapley called.

Mapley showed {A-Hearts}{6-Diamonds} and it fell behind to the {K-Clubs}{Q-Clubs} of Gordon on the {j-Clubs}{k-Hearts}{5-Diamonds} flop. The {j-Spades} and {6-Spades} completed the board and Mapley headed for the exits.

Three-handed play spanned across half-hour and ended with the demise of Essa who moved all-in 1.5 million from the button (around 20 big blinds) with the {Q-Diamonds}{2-Spades} and Gordon called with {A-Spades}{9-Spades}. Gordon improved to a pair of nines on the {5-Hearts}{9-Clubs}{6-Clubs} flop. Essa asked for a queen on the turn but was shown the {5-Spades} instead. Again, Essa's pleas fell on deaf ears as the {8-Hearts} appeared on the river to send the tournament into the heads-up stages.

Gordon held a substantial 8,525,000 to 2,735,000 chip lead over Jesus Gracia and it proved a gap too far to bridge. It was one-way traffic from the word go and ended when Gordon moved all-in with {K-Clubs}{9-Diamonds} and Gracia instantly called off his 14 big blinds with {10-Hearts}{10-Spades}. Gracia improved to a set on the {10-Diamonds}{J-Clubs}{K-Hearts} flop. The {7-Hearts} turn was a blank but the {Q-Hearts} river improved Gordon to a straight and gifted him the title.

partypoker WPT National UK London Main Event Results

1Christopher Gordon£22,500
2Jesus Gracia£15,750
3Laurence Essa£10,100
4Darren Mapley£7,480
5Kenny King£5,620
6Petrit Papushi£4,490
7Lucio Pacifico£3,740
8Rahim Tadj-Saadat£2,980
9Michel Melkert£2,250

Next up for the WPT National series is a trip to Brussels, Belgium where the UK & Ireland PokerNews live reporting team will be on hand to bring you all of the action from the €750 buy-in Main Event. Let us know if you're planning on heading to Belgium for it and we'll give you shoutout!

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