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Chris Johnson On Course For 2015 GPS Birmingham Title

Chris Johnson

Another 10 levels of play took place at the Star City casino on Day 2 of the 2015 Genting Poker Series (GPS) Birmingham Main Event during which time the 150 returning players on Day 2 were whittled to a much more manageable 26. Those 26 hopefuls sit down on Sunday afternoon led by a worthy chip leader in Chris Johnson.

The man known as “MAKKAPAKK” in online poker circles has stepped into the live arena once again and has been bossing those who dare take him on. The former Sunday Million winner soared into the chip lead as the clocks around the casino displayed 22:50 on Saturday night.

David Green opened to 12,000 chips, Johnson three-bet to 23,500 and Green four-bet to 53,000. Johnson called and a massive pot was created. A flop reading {2-}{2-}{6-} with two clubs was bet to the tune of 40,500 by Green and called by Johnson. The turn was a {Q-} and Green check-called a 49,000 bet from Johnson. Both players checked the {8-} river, Green showed {A-}{K-} for ace-high and Johnson took the pot with his {Q-}{10-}.

That pot gave Johnson 750,000 chips and he built on those foundations to end the night with 1,128,000 chips and the overnight chip lead.

Hui Jin is the only other player over one million chips (1,010,000) but there are some talented players in the chasing pack who are going to have an influence over where the title and the £37,239 first place prize goes.

Michael Rosaman (534,000) knows his way around a poker table and won't be fazed by the prize jumps in while Mark Evans, winner of the 2014 GPS Grand Final (494,000) must be confident of being the first-ever GPS back-to-back winner.

Also still in the hunt are Jamie Bott (320,000), and Ellie Biessek (176,000).

2015 Genting Poker Series Birmingham End-of-Day 2 Chip Counts

1Chris Johnson1,128,000
2Hui Jin1,010,000
3Shaun Walsh836,000
4Darren Grosvenor621,000
5Thomas Clack600,000
6Miguel King535,000
7Michael Rosaman534,000
8Baljit Singh525,000
9Mark Evans494,000
10Ali Zihni436,000
11Steve Marsh345,000
12Athir Ali340,000
13Jamie Bott320,000
14Jen-Yue Chiang286,000
15Paul Mason283,000
16Phillip Corion274,000
17Keng Cheong222,000
18Ish Mohammed218,000
19Tony McTiernan213,000
20Lee Richard199,000
21Ellie Biessek176,000
22Kevin Parkes168,000
23George Evans162,000
24Zul Mohammed89,000
25Osman Mustangolu69,000
26Dan Stacey24,000

Each of the returning players have locked up a £970 payout thanks to the money bubble bursting at Day 2's death. It was the creator of Late Night Poker, Nic Szeremeta, who was the unfortunate bubble boy. Szeremeta moved all-in for 30,000 from the button with {A-}{9-} and Bott called from the big blind with {Q-}{2-}. The {2-}{K-}{5-} flop missed both players, although the {Q-} on the turn left Szeremeta drawing to one of the remaining three aces. The river was the {10-} and the bubble burst.

Day 1c's chip leader Farzad Haremnejadian was the first to collect some prize money after busting in 42nd place with the likes of Dean Clay (37th for £860), Stephen Bean (33rd for £970), start-of-the-day chip leader Shaf Rahman (32nd for £970) and David Lloyd (30th for £970) all busting during inside the money places.

Play resumes at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday afternoon and continues until a champion is crowned. You can watch the action unfold via the live stream (on a 30-minute delay as it shows hole cards) but make sure you return to UK & Ireland PokerNews on Monday for a full recap of the final day's play in the 2015 GPS Birmingham Main Event.

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