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Andrew Mytton In Charge With 26 Left in the UKIPT5 London Main Event

Andrew Mytton

Day 2 of the UKIPT5 London Main Event started with 216 players taking their seats at the Hippodrome Casino and ended with only 26 players in the hunt for the £95,100 first place prize. Those 26 survivors return to the lavish venue on Suunday afternoon where they will fold, bet and bluff until only eight of them remain.

Andrew Mytton is the man to catch going into Day 3 having bagged up 1,842,000 chips at the close of play. Mytton, a self-emplyed builder by trade, has seven live tournament cashes to his name, all of which came in between May and July 2014.

The largest of these cashes weigh in at £4,050, Mytton's reward for a seventh place finish in the Nottingham Cup at Dusk Till Dawn during UKIPT4's Nottingham leg. Mytton is now guaranteed to add £2,730 to his lifetime winnings and should he finish higher than 17th he will have a new career high point to shout about.

It won't all be plain sailing for Mytton because there are some fellow big stacks and some tournament wizards among the final 26.

Fernando Marin (1,376,000), Christopher Nazer (1,140,000), Lawrence Bayley (1,139,000) and 2012 GUKPT Luton champion Jamie “Boz” O'Connor (1,027,000) each have more than one million chips at their disposal while the likes of popular Irish grinder Andrew Black (868,000), Chuck Clark (615,000), former Genting Poker Series Grand Final winner Richard Milner (562,000), Brett Angell (382,000), Ross Boatman (377,000), and Charles Chattha (316,000) are all going to have a major say on who reaches the final table and who spends Sunday afternoon on the sidelines.

UKIPT5 London End-of-Day 2 Top 10 Chip Counts

1Andrew Mytton1,842,000
2Fernando Marin1,376,000
3Christopher Nazer1,140,000
4Lawrence Bayley1,139,000
5Jamie O'Connor1,027,000
6Tony Martin945,000
7Paul Simmons935,000
8Andrew Black868,000
9Alex Bounsall810,000
10Miguel Seoane766,000

The money bubble burst during Day 2 and it was a big name who popped it. Charlie “chaz_man_chaz” Combes pushed all-in for six big blinds with {6-Clubs}{6-Diamonds} and Guðmundur Gunnarsson called with {a-Spades}{j-Spades}. Gunnarsson caught an ace on the {k-Spades}{7-Hearts}{a-Hearts} flop and when the turn and river were void of sixes, Combes was gone.

With the bubble burst, luminaries such as Team PokerStars Pros Jake Cody (102nd for £1,260) and Matthias De Meudler (98th for £1,260), Willie Tann (91st for £1,385), Billy Chattaway (86th for £1,385), JJ Hazan (69th for £1,590), Paul “xxCelticFCxx” Febers (67th for £1,590), Caicai Huang (53rd for £1,815), Kevin Allen (46th for £1,815), Nik Persaud (41st for £1,815), and Jonathan Weekes (30th for £2,350) all collected prize money.

Day 3 continues until only eight players remain, those eight stars making up the final table. Who will reach the finale and be only seven bust outs away from a near six-figure score? Tune into UK & Ireland PokerNews on Monday 26 January to find out!

Lead image courtesy of Mickey May and the PokerStars Blog

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