Join Our PokerNews-Exclusive Daily €50 Freerolls on PokerMinds - Passwords Updated!

Join Our PokerNews Freerolls on PokerMinds

If you like free money and you are open to give a new poker room a shot, make sure you don't miss PokerMinds, as the room has just launched a very attractive initiative open exclusively to PokerNews players.

Between October 10-20, 2014, PokerMinds is going add to their lucrative bonus package a series of thirty-three €50 freerolls that will put on the line a total prize pool of €1,650.

If the room is already known to offer some of the easiest games around, the three €50 freerolls running daily from today until Oct. 20, are supposed to be (if possible) even easier than usual – as only those those players who have opened an account from our site will be allowed to sit at the tables.

If you want to participate:

a) Get yourself an account at PokerMinds from this link;
b) Use our special "UKPNEWS" bonus code;
c) Download the software or launch the flash client to play from your browser;
d) Go to the "Private" tab available in the "Tournaments" section to find the full list of the PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll events.

If you have your account ready and you have found the PokerNews-exclusive tournaments in the lobby, it's now time to talk about the serious stuff and give you all the passwords you need to access these lucrative (and easy) events.

Here's the full list:

DateTimeTournament namePrizePassword
10.1013:30PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 501TRA
10.1017:00PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 504CAP
10.1021:00PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 501TV2
11.1013:30PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 50YOYO
11.1017:00PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 50JAY2
11.1021:00PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 50CLAP
12.1013:30PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 50MAC2
12.1017:00PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 50PLAC
12.1021:00PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 50JOYE
13.1013:30PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 50JOHN
13.1017:00PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 502ZCR
13.1021:00PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 50P1CR
14.1013:30PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 50TNT5
14.1017:00PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 50RTR9
14.1021:00PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 50FOLK
15.1013:30PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 50QUE2
15.1017:00PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 50HAG1
15.1021:00PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 50DROW
16.1013:30PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 50FIF1
16.1017:00PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 50FAS0
16.1021:00PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 50GKS9
17.1013:30PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 50ROW1
17.1017:00PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 50DC21
17.1021:00PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 50VT2A
18.1013:30PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 50VTZ1
18.1017:00PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 50PTW2
18.1021:00PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 50CKO1
19.1013:30PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 50HYMV
19.1017:00PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 50VTKO
19.1021:00PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 50OC21
20.1013:30PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 50HOL6
20.1017:00PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 50DOGW
20.1021:00PokerNews 50 EUR Freeroll€ 50VLED

* All times are CET

So, now that everything is clear – do not miss this very special opportunity at some free cash and head to PokerMinds for our very special freerolls.

Open your account on PokerMinds today, use our exclusive "UKPNEWS" bonus code while you complete the form, and get ready to join other PokerNews readers in the next €50 GTD freeroll of the day!

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