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Partypoker Adds $10/$20 Games To Its Casual Cash Game Offering

Partypoker Adds $10/$20 Games To Its Casual Cash Game Offering 0001

If you have played No Limit Hold’em cash games at partypoker recently you will no doubt have noticed some tables have smiley face icons next to them in the lobby. Those icons represent Casual Cash Games and are set to become more common thanks to their initial success.

Partypoker launched Casual Cash Games in May 2014 as part of its strategy to attract and nurture recreational players. Casual Cash Games play the exact same way as any of partypoker’s other No Limit Hold’em cash games with the one major difference being players who sit in a Casual Cash Game can only sit at that table and no other cash games.

Players can play in tournaments in addition to a Casual Cash Game, but not t any other cash game.

The idea behind this format is to allow players who prefer to play on a single table play against like-minded opponents and to protect these players from the arguably more talented multi-tabling group.

While these games haven’t been to everyone’s taste, it appears they have been a hit with a large section of partypoker’s clientèle judging by the recent announcement that Casual Cash Games are now being offered in all table sizes (heads-up, six-max and ful ring) and stakes from $0.01/$0.02 up to an including $0.50/$1.

According to a statement from partypoker, “Players’ response to the trial exceeded all expectations and the primary goal of the Casual Cash Games format - to tailor an experience for people looking for a more relaxed and entertaining poker game experience - has been met.”

It appears that partypoker has some high stakes players who prefer to play on a solitary table if the addition of a $10/$20 Casual Cash Game is anything to go by. Again, a partypoker press release reads, “The site will also introduce a $10/$20 Casual Cash Game to meet the needs of a hitherto underserved group of recreational high-stakes players. Standard cash game tables will not be made available at $10/$20.”

Back in July 2012, partypoker removed all No Limit Hold’em cash games with blinds of $10/$20 or higher and $30/$60 for fixed limit games claiming the then unprecedented move would “make improvements to the poker ecology” at partypoker.

To celebrate the success of Casual Cash Games, partypoker is running a special “Mission,” called the Flip Flop Challenge. Players are invited to select an easy, medium or hard Casual Cash Game based challenge that sees them be awarded a bonus of up to $100 if they complete it.

Do you play the partypoker Casual Cash Game tables? Let us know about your experiences in the comments box below.

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