Christos Kyprianou Wins the 2014 GPS DTD High Roller

Christos Kyprianou Wins the 2014 GPS DTD High Roller 0001

Until Wednesday night, Christos Kyprianou’s largest live tournament cash topped the scales at a respectable £6,860. Today, Kyprianou has a score of £23,000 thanks to him winning the 2014 Genting Poker Series DTD High Roller at Dusk Till Dawn

Thirty-three players returned to their seats for Day 2 of the £1,100 buy-in High Roller and over the course of six hours they were reduced to the final table of nine. Arguably the most important of the eliminations was that of Adam Forsyth in 10th place because it not only set the final table, but also burst the money bubble.

Forsyth’s tournament ended when James Mitchell opened to 16,000 and then called when Forsyth three-bet all-in for 70,000. Mitchell flipped over {Q-}{8-} and got there against Forsyth’s {A-}{7-} when the board ran {9-}{8-}{3-}{2-}{3-}.

2014 Genting Poker Series DTD High Roller Final Table

1Christos Kyprianou495,000
2Thomas Dunwoodie217,000
3James Moult235,000
4Rana Gurnam288,000
5Robert Boon356,000
6James Mitchell686,000
7Keith Johnson248,000
8James Clarke203,000
9Chris Canadine974,000

It took 90-minutes for the first final table casualty to be decided and it was James Moult who earned that particular title.

Moult was followed to the cashier’s desk by James Clark who moved all-in for his last seven big blind with {J-}{10-} and Rana Gurnam looked him up with the dominating {A-}{J-}. Both players caught a jack on the turn yet Gurnam won the hand by virtue of his ace-kicker.

Seventh place went to the former Irish Open champion James Mitchell and it was once again Gurnam who was the executioner.

Gurnam opened to 35,000 only to see Mitchell move all-in for 250,000. Gurnam called, turned over [JxJx[ and was in great shape against Mitchell’s {7-}{7-}. A board reading {9-}{A-}{A-}{2-}{Q-Clubs} was no help to Mitchell and his tournament came to an abrupt end.

The start-of-the-day chip leader was the next player to fall by the wayside. Robert Boom opened to 55,000 with {A-}{J-} and called when Chris Canadine raised to 120,000 with {J-}{J-}. Both players checked the {2-}{6-}{J-} flop. Boon led for 150,000 on the {7-} turn and Canadine called. The last 130,000 of Boon’s chips went in on the {4-} river and when Canadine called with top set, it was game over for Boon.

Shortly after 12:30 a.m., Keith Johnson ripped for 10 big blind from the small bling with {K-}{6-} and Canadine called with {2-}{2-}. Johnson paired his king on the flop and looked set to double up through Canadine. That was until Canadine improved to a set on the turn to leave Johnson drawing dead and heading to collect fifth place money.

The final four became the final three with the exit of Tom Dunwoodie. Gurnam raised to 70,000, Kyprianou called and Dunwoodie squeezed all-in for 130,000. Both Gurnam and Kyprianou called and checked the action down to the river of the {J-}{4-}{5-}{5-}{J-} board, at which point Gurnam bet 160,000 and was called.

Gurnam showed {J-}{10-} for a full house, Dunwoodie mucked and exited from the tournament area.

As the clock approached 2:00 a.m., the three remaining players decided to move all-in blind, which resulted in the exit of Gurnam and Canadine being left with a short stack.

Canadine doubled on the next hand, but on the third blind all-in Canadine’s {K-}{3-} found itself losing to {Q-}{9-} as the five community cards fell {K-}{Q-}{5-}{8-}{9-} to gift Kyprianou two pair and the victory.

2014 Genting Poker Series DTD High Roller Final Table Results

1Christos Kyprianou
2Chris Canadine
3Rana Gurnam
4Tom Dunwoodie
5Keith Johnson
6Rob Boon
7James Mitchell
8James Clarke
9James Moult

Chris Sly Leads the 2014 GPS DTD Main Event

While the High Rollers were locking horns at the felt, Day 1b of the Main Event took place beside them. Only 18 players navigated their way through to Day 2, from a 74 entries, with Chris Sly faring the best and ended with the title of overnight chip leader.

Sly bagged up 248,900 chips, almost exactly 20,000 more than his nearest rival David Anderson (228,600).

Other notables who stamped their Day 2 ticket include Kryiacos “Greek Jack” Dionysiou (79,500), David Lloyd (79,400) and Ben Martin (41,300).

Day 1c kicks off at 1:00 p.m and should see a much larger crowd descend on the Nottingham club. The likes of Joe and Danny Laming have already registered, as has Sky Poker pro Julian Thew and the former GPS Grand Final winner Elliot Panyi.

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