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Bren “YaAaRnY” Lenton Loses Prop Bet, Still Wins $100,000

Bren "YaAarnY" Lenton's prop bet graph

Bren “YaAaRnY” Lenton’s attempt to win 10,000 big blinds in 31 days at the PokerStars Pot Limit Omaha tables ended in defeat, but the British pro is the one who had the last laugh.

With only a few days of his challenge remaining, Lenton was flying high and had won more than 8,000 big blinds over the course of 185,000 hands. However, the next 15,000 hands were nothing short of disastrous and he lost almost 7,000 big blinds of his profit and therefore ending his epic prop-bet.

Although Lenton failed to reach his lofty goal, he actually made around $100,000 profit, after paying out $100,000 for his prop-bet loss, during the past 31 days thanks to a big cash in a World Championship Of Online Poker and cashing in his FPPs.

YaAaRny’s Profit and Loss Per Stakes

BlindsProfit/LossAdjusted EV
$5/$10$51,000 loss$21,000
$5/$10 Zoom$21,000 profit$17,000
$10/$20 Zoom$8,000 loss$15,000
$25/$50$160,000 profit$4,000
$50/$100$11,000 loss-$2,000

As you can see from the table, Lenton ran horrible at $5/$10 and lost $51,000 when his Expected value was $21,000 in profit. He did run much better at the other stakes, including a whopping $154,000 over expectation while playing $25/$50!

Lenton estimates that he made $40,000 profit from the VPPs that he earned and he also collected $55,499.00 when he finished as runner-up in the WCOOP-27: $215 PL Omaha Turbo 1R1A on September 16. When all the sums are done, Lenton profited around $107,000 for 31 days of intense grinding, making him a huge winner and a hero to wannabe PLO grinders far and wide.

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