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More Than $1.4 Million Up For Grabs During MiniFTOPS XXVI

Full Tilt Poker MiniFTOPS XXVI

Full Tilt Poker is guaranteeing more than $1.4 million worth of prize pools during the upcoming MiniFTOPS XXVi, meaning the only things mini are the tournament’s buy-ins and the online festival’s name.

Starting on September 7 and running through to September 21, MiniFTOPS XXVI sees 31 events play out, each with a buy-in that is 1/10th of the recent FTOPS. Kicking off the festival is a $20+$2 NL Hold’em Re-Entry tournament that features a $75,000 guaranteed prize pool, with other highlights including a $150,000 guaranteed $30+$3 NL Hold’em Re-Entry,a $200+$15 NL Hold’em Multi-Day tournament that has a $100,000 guarantee and the massive $500,000 guaranteed Main Event.

The Main Event runs on September 21 and costs $70+$5 to buy into, but if the buy-in is out of the constrains of your bankroll there are a wide range of satellites feeding into it ranging from 64 player sit & go tournaments costing a mere 235 Full Tilt Points to take part in, to a $10+$1 buy-in freezeout.

Full Tilt Poker MiniFTOPS XXVI Schedule

Sun 7 Sep6:30pm$20+$2 NL Hold’em Re-Entry$75,000
Sun 7 Sep9:30pm$5+$0.50 NL Holdem Day 1a$30,000
Mon 8 Sep5:30pm$5+$0.50 NL Holdem Day 1b$30,000
Mon 8 Sep7:30pm$20+$2 HORSE$7,500
Mon 8 Sep9:30pm$20+$2 NL Hold’em Rush$15,000
Tue 9 Sep5:30pm$5+$0.50 NL Holdem Day 1c$30,000
Tue 9 Sep7:30pm$20+$2 Limit Hold’em$7,500
Tue 9 Sep9:30pm$31+$2 NL Hold’em Super Turbo KO$20,000
Wed 10 Sep5:30pm$30+$3 Razz$7,500
Wed 10 Sep7:30pm$10+$1 NL Hold’em Heads-up$5,000
Wed 10 Sep9:30pm$5+$0.50 NL Holdem Day 1d$30,000
Thu 11 Sep5:30pm$20+$2 PL Omaha Hi/Lo 6-Max$10,000
Thu 11 Sep7:30pm$20+$2 NL Hold’em 6-Max$25,000
Thu 11 Sep9:30pm$5+$0.50 NL Holdem Day 1e$30,000
Fri 12 Sep5:30pm$20+$2 Mixed 25-Game 6-Max Turbo Re-Entry$7,500
Fri 12 Sep7:30pm$10+$1 NL Hold’em 1R1A$25,000
Fri 12 Sep9:30pm$5+$0.50 NL Holdem Day 1f$30,000
Sat 13 Sep4:30pm$5+$0.50 NL Holdem Day 1g$30,000
Sat 13 Sep5:30pm$100+$9 NL Hold’em$75,000
Sat 13 Sep7:30pm$30+$3 PL Omaha Hi 6-Max Triple Chance$15,000
Sat 13 Sep9:30pm$5+$0.50 NL Holdem Day 1g$30,000
Sun 14 Sep12:30pm$5+$0.50 NL Holdem Day 1h$30,000
Sun 14 Sep4:00pm$12+$1 NL Hold’em KO Multi-Entry$50,000
Sun 14 Sep5:00pm$5+$0.50 NL Holdem Day 1h$30,000
Sun 14 Sep6:30pm$30+$3 NL Hold’em Re-Entry$150,000
Sun 14 Sep9:30pm$10+$1 NL Hold’em Day 1a$50,000
Sun 14 Sep9:30pm$5+$0.50 NL Hold’em Day 2$30,000
Mon 15 Sep5:30pm$10+$1 NL Hold’em Day 1b$50,000
Mon 15 Sep7:30pm$50+$5 Mixed 10-game 6-Max Multi-Entry$20,000
Mon 15 Sep9:30pm$20+$2 NL Hold’em Turbo$15,000
Tue 16 Sep5:30pm$10+$1 NL Hold’em Day 1c$50,000
Tue 16 Sep7:30pm$20+$2 PL 6-Card Omaha Hi 6-Max$10,000
Tue 16 Sep9:30pm$10.35+$0.65 NL Hold’em Multi-Entry Flipout$10,000
Wed 17 Sep5:30pm$20+$2 7-Card Stud$5,000
Wed 17 Sep7:30pm$10+$1 NL Hold’em 6-Max Rebuy$25,000
Wed 17 Sep9:30pm$10+$1 NL Hold’em Day 1d$50,000
Thu 18 Sep5:30pm$20+$2 NL Hold’em 4-Handed$15,000
Thu 18 Sep7:30pm$10+$1 OE 6-Max$7,500
Thu 18 Sep9:30pm$10+$1 NL Hold’em Day 1e$50,000
Fri 19 Sep5:30pm$20+$2 NL Omaha Hi/Lo 6-Max$10,000
Fri 19 Sep7:30pm$10+$1 NL Hold’em Rush Rebuy$30,000
Fri 19 Sep9:30pm$10+$1 NL Hold’em Day 1f$50,000
Sat 20 Sep4:30pm$10+$1 NL Hold’em Day 1g$50,000
Sat 20 Sep5:30pm$200+$15 NL Hold’em Day 1$100,000
Sat 20 Sep7:30pm$20+$2 PL Omaha Hi$10,000
Sat 20 Sep9:30pm$10+$1 NL Hold’em Day 1g$30,000
Sun 21 Sep12:30pm$10+$1 NL Hold’em Day 1h$50,000
Sun 21 Sep4:00pm$24+$2 NL Hold;em 6-Max Knockout$75,000
Sun 21 Sep5:00pm$10+$1 NL Hold’em Day 1h$50,000
Sun 21 Sep5:30pm$200+$15 NL Hold’em Day 2$100,000
Sun 21 Sep6:30pm$70+$5NL Hold’em Re-Entry
Sun 2 Sep9:30pm$10+$1 NL Hold’em Day 2$50,000

Win a Full Tilt Poker Black Card Pro Sponsorship

As in previous incarnations of the MiniFTOPS, Full Tilt Poker is giving you the chance to win a four-month Black Card Pro Sponsorship contract which includes receiving 100% cash back on all your play at Full Tilt Poker.

To get your hands on the sponsorship contract you will need to finish at the top of the MiniFTOPS XXVI leaderboard. Earn points by finishing in the top 72 places of the 31 events and crucial leaderboard points are all yours.

Also making a return is the MiniFTOPS Satellite Hero where you can win tournament tickets and tournament dollars if you satellite into any MiniFTOPS XXVI event and then cash into it. Prizes range from a MiniFTOPS Sattellite Hero Freeroll for managing to satellite into and cash in one event, up to a $15 MTOPS Main Event ticket and T$50 for doing that five times or more.

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