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Countdown to the 2014 GUKPT Goliath is On!

GUKPT Goliath

Almost everyone in the United Kingdom has heard the Bible story of David and Goliath, the latter being a Philistine giant slain by the former with a simple, yet effective, slingshot to the head. Over the next week, the name Goliath refers to something else gigantic, and the only stories told will be of bad beats, sick bluffs and one man or woman taking on several thousand opponents and living to tell the tale.

On August 10, the 2014 edition of the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) Goliath rolls into Coventry and brings with it a £250,000 guaranteed prize pool. That princely sum, a quarter of a million pounds, is to be generated by a paltry buy-in of £100+£20! While to the untrained eye this scenario seems a little unlikely at best, those of you who know about the GUKPT Goliath are aware that in 2013 it attracted 2,568 players – 1,822 unique and 746 rebuys — through the doors of the G Casino at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry and became the largest-ever land-based poker tournament held in the United Kingdom.

Last year’s record-breaking event ended with Jake Skidmore being crowned champion, but not before a four-handed deal that saw Skidmore leave with £29,690 in his back pocket, slightly less than the £31,535 of second placed Jiri Sladkovsky and less still than third placed Daniel Cullen, who scooped £38,710.

Fast forward to the present day and the 2014 GUKPT Goliath is only a few days away. Day 1a, the first of six starting flights, kicks off at midday on August 10, with subsequent Day 1s taking place at the same time up to and including August 15.

In fact all of the Goliath’s play begins at 12:00pm, with the final day set to take place on August 17.

Sandwiched between the monster-sized field are a handful of side events for players to try their luck, test their skills and get their teeth into. These events include a £50 Battle of the Sexes, £75 Open Face Chinese Poker, and one of the GUKPT’s famous 25/25 series.

2014 GUKPT Goliath Schedule

Sun 10 Aug12:00pm£100+£20 NL Hold’em Goliath Day 1a
Sun 10 Aug7:30pm£75+£8 NL Hold’em Open Dealer Championships
Mon 11 Aug12:00pm£100+£20 NL Hold’em Goliath Day 1b
Mon 11 Aug7:30pm£75+£8 Pot Limit Omaha
Tue 12 Aug12:00pm£100+£20 NL Hold’em Goliath Day 1c
Tue 12 Aug7:30pm£75+£8 NL Hold’em Win the Button
Tue 12 Aug9:30pm£50+£6 Ziggi Cig Battle of the Sexes
Wed 13 Aug12:00pm£100+£20 NL Hold’em Goliath Day 1d
Wed 13 Aug7:30pm£100+£10 NL Hold’em Tag Team
Thu 14 Aug12:30pm£100+£20 NL Hold’em Goliath Day 1e
Thu 14 Aug7:30pm£75+£8 Open Face Chinese Poker
Thu 14 Aug9:30pm£50+£6 Beat The Team
Fri 15 Aug12:00pm£100+£20 NL Hold’em Goliath Day 1f
Fri 15 Aug7:45pm£200+£20 NL Hold’em 25/25 Flight A
Sat 16 Aug12:00pmNL Hold’em Goliath Day 2
Sat 16 Aug12:00pm£200+£20 NL Hold’em 25/25 Flight B
Sat 16 Aug7:45pm£200+£20 NL Hold’em 25/25 Flight C
Sat 16 Aug9:30pm£200+£20 NL Hold’em 25/25 Flight C
Sun 17 Aug12:00pmNL Hold’em Goliath Final
Sun 17 Aug1:00pmNL Hold’em 25/25 Final
Sun 17 Aug2:00pm£50+£6 NL Hold’em Deep & Steep

Stay tuned to UK & Ireland PokerNews during the Goliath festival for recaps of the action once play closes each night.

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