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Bren “YaAaRny” Lenton Begins $300K Pot Limit Omaha Prop Bet

Pot Limit Omaha

After Daniel Negreanu’s claims that he could beat the shark-infested $25/$50 No Limit Hold’em Six-max games at PokerStars after only a few weeks practice, Bren “YaAaRny” Lenton has come up with his own crazy prop bet that could see him lose $100,000.

Lenton came up with the plan to try and win 100 buy-ins in 31 days from Pot Limit Omaha cash games, at stakes of $5/$10 or higher, in July when he posted on the Two Plus Two forums to see how much interest there would be if he offered 2:1 odds on him achieving his goal.

Almost immediately, bets against him flooded in with high profile players such as Gavin “gavz101” Cochrane, Ben “Ben86” Tollerene and Team PokerStars Online Isaac Haxton wanting in on the action. After much debate among the Two Plus Two community, the following rules were agreed upon and the challenge set in stone!

  • All hands to be played on PokerStars or Full Tilt Poker
  • At least 70,000 hands must be played
  • Hands at heads-up tables do not count
  • Heads-up is allowed at six-max or full ring tables
  • Stakes will be $5/$10 or higher and Zoom Poker is allowed
  • He has 31 days from the hours he first plays a hand.
  • If someone in his immediate family dies, the bet is cancelled.
  • He has to win 100 buy-ins, with one buy-in being 100 big blind.
  • The bet is over and deemed won if he at any point crosses 100 buy-ins of profit
  • Three judges have been put in place to settle any disputes
  • If the legality of poker in the UK changes or his PokerStars account is blocked for any reason other than his own fault then the bet is off
  • Unforseen acts of God allow him one week to relocate

Lenton began his challenge on August 23 at 18:20 CET and had, what he called on Twitter, a “pretty fun day.” Lenton shared a graph of his day’s action that showed he’d played around 6,000 hands and won 7.44 buy-ins.

Bren “YaAaRny” Lenton Begins 0K Pot Limit Omaha Prop Bet 101

Earlier today, Lenton posted a graph at Two Plus Two that shows he has now completed around 18,000 hands and won slightly more than 10 buy-ins claiming that “I can feel a heater soon if I stop playing terrible.”

Lenton's winning's graph to date.
Lenton's winning's graph to date.

UK & Ireland PokerNews will keep an ear to the ground throughout this epic challenge, not least so because Lenton is a British pro, and hopefully we will see him smash through his 100 buy-in target and win this huge prop bet.

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