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Tim Chung Wins the 2014 Genting Poker Series Newcastle Main Event

Tim Chung

In our recap of the 2014 Genting Poker Series (GPS) Newcastle Main Event Day 2 action on Sunday, we said that a GPS title beckoned for Tim Chung and our prediction came true because it was Chung who emerged victorious on Sunday night to claim the £32,815 first place prize.

The third and final day started with 12 players in contention, but within 20 minutes of the restart the final table lost two players in the same hand.

Chung limped on the button, Jonathan Beck completed the small blind and Jamie Dale moved all-in from the big blind for 170,000. Chung flat-called the all-in bet only to see Beck jam for 800,000! Chung snap-called, flipped over a sneakily played pair of aces and was way ahead of the {a-}{k-} of Beck and the {5-}{5-} of Dale.

By the river the board read [AxKx4xJxx], Dale and Beck busted and Chung climbed to 2.4 million chips.

Fifteen minutes of hand-for-hand later and the official final table was set. Matt Davenport got his chips into the middle with {a-}{6-} and Rob Yong called with {3-}{3-}. Neither player improved their hand by the river, but Yong didn’t need to, so Davenport busted in 10th place.

2014 Genting Poker Series Newcastle Main Event Final Table

1Willie Tann213,000
2Rob Yong1,587,000
3Tim Chung2,468,000
4Tom Brady302,000
5John Stirling207,000
6Colin Turnbull611,000
7George Harle262,000
8Brett Angell550,000
9Keith Hawkins1,303,000

Within 15 minutes of the final table starting, John Stirling crashed out at the hands of Tom Brady.

Brady moved all-in, Stirling followed suit and moved all-in. The other players ducked out of the way, Brady showed {a-Hearts}{10-Hearts} and Stirling {7-Diamonds}{7-Spades}. The {10-}{9-Hearts}{5-Hearts} flop put Brady in front and gave an ace-high flush draw. The {9-Diamonds} on the turn kept Brady in front and a queen on the river was the final nail in Stirling’s coffin.

The next player to lose their stack was George Harle in eighth place. Brady opened to 55,000, Harle made it 180,000 and Brett Angell four-bet all-in for 600,000. Brady mucked, but Harle called with {7-}{7-} and was flipping against the {a-}{k-} of Angell.

Angell took the lead on the {k-}{10-}{q-} flop, stayed there on the {4-} turn and when the {6-} landed on the river it was game over for Harle.

As the time approached 3:30 p.m. Brady made an ill-timed move that cost him his tournament life. Chung opened to 40,000 and then quickly called when Brady three-bet all-in for 300,000. It was Chung’s {a-}{k-} that was in great shape because Brady held the dominated {k-}{q-}.

The {q-}{j-}{10-} paired Brady’s queen and gifted Chung a Broadway straight. The turn and river ran {9-} and {7-} and Brady was gone.

Shortly after returning from a scheduled break, Colin Turnbull became the sixth place finisher. Turnbull pushed his 300,000 stack into the middle with what turned out to be {6-}{6-} and Chung made the call with the superior {j-}{j-}. The {10-}{9-}{2-}{a-}{2-} board failed to come to Turnbull’s rescue and he was out.

Five became four with the elimination of Keith Hawkins around the four-hour mark. Hawkins moved all-in for 425,000 from the button with only Willie Tann to beat in the small blind because Rob Yong had left his seat and therefore his big blind unguarded.

Tann eventually called and showed {a-}{8-}, which was ahead of the {9-}{5-} of Hawkins. The {7-}{10-}{6-} flop flirted with the idea of improving Hawkins’ hand, but the {3-} turn and {10-} river missed him completed and he busted in fifth place.

Four-handed play lasted an hour and ended with the exit of Yong. Tann raised from the small blind with {a-}{j-}, Yong raised all-in for 600,000 with {a-}{5-} and Tann quickly called. A {7-}{6-}{3-}{2-}{2-} board kept Tann’s hand best and left Yong to collect fourth-place prize money.

Tann was the next casualty, running into a relative cooler spot against Angell. A raise from the button by Angell was raised all-in by Tann and then called. Tann flipped over {a-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds} and Angell the {a-}{8-}. The {7-}{q-}{3-}{7-}{6-} board meant Angell’s eight played and Tann crashed out.

Chung held a 4,970,000 to 2,535,000 chip lead over Angell and it proved to be too large of a gap for Angell to bridge. The final hand saw Angell set the price to play at 120,000 and then call when Chung raised to 300,000. Chung fired a 225,000 bet on the {6-}{a-}{k-}, Angell raised all-in and Chung called.

Angell showed {k-}{3-} and Chung the {k-}{q-}. The turn and river fell {4-} and {2-}, busting Angell and leaving Chung to be crowned the GPS Newcastle champion.

2014 Genting Poker Series Newcastle Final Table Results

1Tim Chung£32,815
2Brett Angell£22,750
3Willie Tann£15,310
4Rob Yong£9,185
5Keith Hawkins£7,000
6Colin Turnbull£5,500
7Tom Brady£4,190
8George Harle£3,310
9John Stirling£2,630

Next up for the GPS is the Dusk Till Dawn leg in mid-September, a tournament that attracted 935 players the last time it ran and was won by Michael Richardson.

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