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Sunday Briefing: Chris “bluecheek” Moore Wins the 888poker $100K Mega Deep

Sunday Briefing

The weather here in the United Kingdom has been hit and miss over the past few days and nights. One minute the sun has been cracking the flags, the next massive thunderstorms and flood warnings. Poker on Sunday was a similar story for Britons, with some decent victories and a series of near misses.

One of the winners on Sunday night was Worcester’s Chris Moore, who under the alias “bluecheek,” marched to victory in 888poker’s flagship Sunday major, the $100,000 Mega Deep.

Moore was one of 691 players who bought into the $100,000 Mega Deep for $215 and 13 hours and 18 minutes later he was the last player standing and claimed the $32,477 first place prize. Moore was joined in the latter stages of the tournament by Mathew “TheWiseOwl” Frankland (finished 16th for $898.30) and “drkhrs180” who busted fifth for $6,910.

There was a similarly sized win over at PokerStars, where Glasgow’s “dl184” emerged victorious in The Bigger $162 for a $38,341.02 score. The near miss in that tournament was the eighth place finish, worth $4,349.10, for Leeds-based pro Marcin “MARCIN123” Milde.

Also in the winner’s circles was “Ramsa555” who blasted his way through the 1,234-strong field of the turbo charged Sunday Supersonic. The $47,031.82 that Ramsa555 won is impressive enough, but when you consider he was awarded that sum after less than two hours of play then you see it in a whole new light.

Keeping with PokerStars, shout outs have to go to “yanko33” who finished third in the Sunday Kickoff for $13,449.50 and to a quartet of players who fell short of a huge score despite navigating their way through large fields.

Christopher “MAKKAPAKK” Johnson finished 13th in the Sunday 500 ($3,272.50), James “epitomised” Atkin whose Bigger $109 ended with a 17/2,857 finish ($1,057.90), to Stephen “stevie444” Chidwick for finishing 11th in the Sunday Rebuy ($2,757.70) and “Bizzle’s up” who fell in 12th place in the Sunday Million ($7,507.36).

An honourable mention has to be directed at Stefano “easylimp” Terziani who took down the Sunday 500 for $69,300. The player is based in Birmingham, but his true roots are in Italy.

Over at Full Tilt Poker there was a win for “varosky” who chopped with “Flakxs” of Germany in the Big Ben before going on to win outright. Varosky banked $12,100 for his efforts.

Both “willrobrobu” and Andy “wiisssppppaaaaa” Taylor secured decent scores, but will be ruing their luck because finishing a couple of positions higher could have locked up even larger cashes.

Taylor took home $3,820.80 when he finished seventh in The Sunday Brawl, while willrobrobu won $3,289.50 for his sixth place finish in the Turbo Multi-Hundo.

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