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Hallucinogenic Drugs May Have Caused Johannes Strassmann's Death

Johannes Strassmann

As explained by Slovenian authorities on Wednesday, toxicology tests revealed that on June 21 German poker pro Johannes Strassmann fell into the Ljubljanica river in Ljubljana, Slovenia, while under the effect of hallucinogenic drugs.

Although the Slovenian police preferred not to reveal the "prohibited drugs" found in Strassmann's body during the autopsy, a report from Germany's Bild uncovered details from his last night in the Slovenian capital.

In Ljubljana since the day after Strassmann’s body was pulled out from the Ljubljanica river, Bild reporter Alessandro Alviani had the chance to work on the story and collect some important pieces of a puzzle that may lead to the real causes of Strassmann's death.

Speaking about the night Strassmann disappeared from Ljubljiana's old town, an eyewitness told Alviani that the poker player "was out with three Slovenians. One of them was a good friend of his, while he barely knew the other two."

The witness added that one of the men was a “known drug dealer.” According to the story reported by Bild, during the evening "the group had been eating magic mushrooms, and around 10 p.m. Johannes suddenly left the table of the pubs they were all in, and ran away leaving his mobile phone behind."

A few hours later, when the 29-year-old Strassmann was reported missing to the local authorities, Slovenian police started a massive operation in different areas of the country with the use of agents, specially-trained dogs and helicopters.

Commenting the story to PokerNews, Ljubljana's police officer Vinko Stojnsek said that he wished "the story would have ended differently."

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