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Daniel Negreanu: The Most Influential Poker Pro in Social Media

Daniel Negreanu

Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu is not the type of person who minces his words or who bites his tongue when delicate subjects are being discussed – check out his latest rants about the conflict in Gaza for proof of that last one – and as a result he has soared to the top of what the PokerStars Blog called “Poker Pros Social Currency.”

The whole world is social media mad. Everywhere you turn there is someone tweeting, posting a filtered photograph to Instagram or updating their Facebook status with details of what they’ve consumed for lunch.

Social media is used by poker sites and their stable of pros to engage with customers and fans in real time and appears that the often outspoken Negreanu is something of a social media guru if this recent study is at all accurante.

According to the post on the PokerStars Blog, two social media measuring systems – yes those exist – were used to calculate the influence poker players held over their followers. FollowerWonk was used to determine the influence a profile has on Twitter, while Likealyzer analysed more than 40 signals on Facebook.

When the data was gathered on June 20, it was Negreanu who came out on top, soaring above even the great Phil Ivey. Negreanu boasts over 306,000 followers on Twitter, while his posts on Facebook have been liked more than 122,000 times. Overall, when all the jiggery-pokery was done, Negreanu was awarded a social score of 78.

Negreanu’s score was a full five points ahead of Ivey, despite the 10-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner having more than three-times the number of Twitter followers and 50% more likes on his Facebook posts, which shows that engaging with your fans goes a long way on social media.

Others who made PokerStars Top 15 included Liv Boeree, Antonio Esfandiari, Sam Trickett, and the self-proclaimed Poker Brat Phil Hellmuth, the latter found languishing in 10th place, although if there was a tool to measure the number of famous people mentioned in tweets Hellmuth would have been number one by a huge margin.

It would be interesting to see how some of the poker sites, news outlets and members of the community such as the legendary oracle of poker Kevin "kevmath" Mathers fare in a similar ranking system.

You can check out the full list at the PokerStars Blog.

Are there any poker pros who you follow on Facebook or Twitter? Let us know who your favourites are by leaving a note in the comments box below.

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