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Global Poker Index: Vanessa Selbst New Leader of Top 300; Bilokur 1st in POY

Global Poker Index: Vanessa Selbst New Leader of Top 300; Bilokur 1st in POY 0001

Each week, the Global Poker Index releases a list of the top 300 tournament poker players in the world using a formula that takes into account a player's results over six half-year periods. The GPI also ranks the top performers of the year over two six-month periods as calculated by the USA Today Global Poker Index point system.

During the 2014 World Series of Poker, the GPI will be releasing new lists twice each week to reflect the increased movement thanks to the many events being played. For a look at all of the lists, visit the official GPI website. Meanwhile, here at PokerNews we’ll continue updating you each week about changes happening both to the 2014 GPI Player of the Year rankings and to the overall GPI Top 300.

2014 GPI Player of the Year

RankPlayerGPI ScoreChange
1Alex Bilokur1041.372
2Keven Stammen961.23-1
3Ole Schemion803.06-1
4Byron Kaverman786.341
5Scott Seiver778.957
6Mustapha Kanit770.961
7Jason Mercier726.33-3
8Vanessa Selbst667.96-2
9Mike McDonald651.586
10Mukul Pahuja647.85-2

There is a new name atop the 2014 GPI Player of the Year leaderboard this week as Alex Bilokur has surged ahead of Keven Stammen to seize away the top spot after Stammen had held it since late March. A couple of big recent cashes at the WSOP — including a victory in the Event #28: $10,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em Championship — helped catapult the Russian into the top spot.

Meanwhile Scott Seiver and Mike McDonald moved back into the top 10 this week, taking spots previously occupied by Joe Keuther (now #11) and Davidi Kitai (now #13).

Others making moves in the 2014 POY race this week included Matt Stout (moving up to #15 from #28), Nick Schulman (to #18 from #57), and Matt Salsberg (to #33 from #110).

GPI 300 Top 10

RankPlayerGPI ScoreChange
1Vanessa Selbst3946.691
2Ole Schemion3897.33-1
3Daniel Negreanu3824.34-
4Scott Seiver3635.23-
5Byron Kaverman3563.39-
6Philipp Gruissem3370.01-
7Paul Volpe3337.861
8Alex Bilokur3299.3110
9Erik Seidel3285.763
10Jonathan Duhamel3244.60-1

The big GPI-related news this week relates to Vanessa Selbst moving into the top spot of the overall GPI rankings, swapping spots with previous frontrunner Ole Schemion to become the eighth player overall and first woman ever to earn the top ranking.

Alex Bilokur and Erik Seidel have also moved up into the top 10 this week, while Mike Watson (who went from #10 to #12) and Jason Mercier (going from #7 to #16) both lost their top 10 spots.

Welcome to the GPI

Global Poker Index: Vanessa Selbst New Leader of Top 300; Bilokur 1st in POY 101
Pierre Neuville (left) and Kevin Eyster (right) moved into the GPI Top 300 this week
RankPlayerTotal Score
154Kevin Eyster2017.69
174Cary Katz1931.31
188Ashton Griffin1866.32
210Kevin Saul1822.63
231Amanda Musumeci1756.97
240Chino Rheem1726.28
245Pierre Neuville1720.97
249Aleksandr Gofman1711.26
260Grayson Ramage1673.76
266Shaun Suller1666.90
270Manig Loeser1656.42
273Brandon Shane1653.74
275Vineet Pahuja1651.03
278Humberto Brenes1641.86
281Tom Alner1637.62
282Chris Dombrowski1637.57
283Tony Gargano1635.30
287Jesse Martin1628.80
290Sean Winter1623.31
292Larry Wright1622.42
295Adam Levy1613.64

There were 21 newcomers to the GPI Top 300 this week, and a quick scan of the list shows a lot of familiar names from the coverage of the WSOP here on PokerNews.

For example, Kevin Eyster defeated Pierre Neuville heads-up in Event #24: $5,000 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold'em this week, thereby helping both bound into the top 300. And Humberto Brenes keeps collected cashes — he is up to eight at the WSOP now — which earned him a spot inside this week's top 300 as well.

Biggest Gains

RankPlayerTotal GPI ScoreChange
73Pratyush Buddiga2490.19104
89Brock Parker2348.9571
169Alex Venovski1943.54102
183Richard Lyndaker1893.72114
224Joe Tehan1782.7272

Success at the WSOP this week helped some make big moves within the GPI Top 300 this week, with final tables for Pratyush Buddiga, Alex Venovski, Richard Lyndaker, and Joe Tehan (who made two of them) helping each player to improve his standing.

Biggest Drops

RankPlayerTotal GPI ScoreChange
236Kevin MacPhee1743.36-73
237Oleksii Khoroshenin1739.54-61
241Greg Mueller1725.32-53
265Dan Kelly1668.55-73
300Giuliano Bendinelli1600.89-68

Meanwhile Kevin MacPhee and Dan Kelly fell the farthest within the GPI Top 300, Kelly doing so despite collecting his fourth WSOP cash of the summer this week.

Fantasy Poker Manager

The Global Poker is having weekly events with its popular Fantasy Poker Manager for the 2014 WSOP, giving FPM managers opportunities to win every week.

Here’s the remaining schedule of weekly events with deadlines for entering:

LeagueEventsLineup DeadlineTime
Week 5No. 47 to No. 57Mon., June 2312:00 p.m. PDT
Week 6No. 58 to No. 65Mon., June 3012:00 p.m. PDT
Main Event LeagueMain EventThur., July 1012:00 p.m. PDT

To view at the entire list of 300, visit the official GPI website. While you're at it, follow the GPI on Twitter and its Facebook page.

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