Ellie Biessek Wins Grosvenor 25/25 Luton Main Event

Elllie Biessek receives her trophy from the tournament director.

Ellie Biessek is not your stereotypical poker player. For a start she’s a woman. Secondly, she is a mathematics teacher by trade, but a fearless and talented poker player when she is finished with her teaching duties.

During 2012, Biessek finished seventh in the Genting Poker Series (GPS) London Main Event for £9,280 and also came third in the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) event in Belgium for €13,170. The in 2013, Biessek became the first-ever, and still only, female winner of a GPS Main Event when she took down the Newcastle leg for £38,620.

Since then, she has had a number of great results at the felts, including a final table appearance at the recent GUKPT Brighton Main Event, a second place in the Grosvenor 25/25 Bournemouth tournament and last night took down the 25/25 at Luton!

A total of 188 players bought into the Luton 25/25, creating a £37,600 prize pool. Those 188 players were whittled down to the final table of nine over the course of two day’s play, with the nine finalists lining up as follows:

1Martyn Tawn505,000
2Yaswant Shah310,000
3Ibrahim Ullah750,000
4Jonathan Blissett78,000
5Ellie Biessek800,000
6Andrew Christos775,000
7Mike Boucher363,000
8Anthony Chalkley365,000
9Vikrum Mehta750,000

Only four hands played out before Jonathan Blissett was on his way to the cashier’s desk to collect ninth place money. Blissett moved all in for his final three big blinds with {A-}{9-} and Andrew Christos called from the big blind with {J-}{3-}.

The board ran {9-}{j-}{k-}{k-}{8-} to eliminate Blissett.

Martyn Tawn was the next to go, making it 60,000 to go at the 12,000/24,000/2,500a level, from under the gun and Christos three-bet enough to put Tawn all in. He called off his last 400,000 with {J-}{J-} and ran straight into Christos’ pocket queens. A queen on the flop left Tawn drawing extremely thinly and he was drawing dead by the river.

Ibrahim Ullah lost a large pot in a hand against Christos before jamming for 10 big blinds from the cutoff with {A-}{J-}. Biessek called on the button with {A-}{6-} and when the blinds folded the delaer spread the {6-}{7-}{3-}{7-}{8-} board and Ullah busted in seventh place.

The final six became five with the elimination of Yaswant Shah who saw Vikrum Mehta raise to 60,000 and decided to three-bet to 90,000 and leave only 4,000 behind. Equally as perplexing, Mehta called instead of putting his opponent all-in. He did set him in on the {4-}{6-}{4-} flop and was called by Shah’s {Q-}{J-}. Mehta turned over {8-}{6-} and when the turn and river came {K-} and {4-}, Shah’s tournament was over.

Next to go was Tony Chalkley who pushed his last five big blinds in with {A-}{Q-} and Biessek looked him up from the big blind with {K-}{3-}. Biessek flopped two pair and when the turn and river failed to come to Chalkley’s rescue it was game over for him.

Almost immediately after Chalkley’s demise, Mike Boucher was sent packing at the hands of Mehta. Boucher jammed 11 big blinds into the middle from the small blind with {Q-}{8-} and Mehta made the call with {a-}{9-}. An ace on the turn left Boucher drawing dead and the tournament short of players.

Christos then exited in a hand with Biessek. The chips went in preflop, Biessek holding {A-}{2-} and Christos the {A-}{K-}. A deuce on the flop was all Biessek needed to bust Christos and send the tie into the heads-up stage.

Biessek held 2.5 million chips to Mehta’s 2.2 million and it was not surprising that they struck a deal to split the remaining prize pool evenly, both taking £9,025.

The final hand took place slightly before 11:30 on Sunday night and saw Biessek open-shove from the small blind with what turned out to be {10-}{10-}. Mehta called in the big blind with {A-}{6-} and when the board ran [2xx7x2xJx] Biessek won the tournament and yet another trophy for her mantelpiece!

Grosvenor 25/25 Luton Final Table Results

1Ellie Biessek£9,025*
2Vikrum Mehta£9,025*
3Andrew Christos£4,475
4Mike Boucher£2,930
5Anthony Chalkley£2,035
6Yaswant Shah£1,465
7Ibrahim Ullah£1,200
8Martyn Tawn£1,020
9Jonatahan Blissett£860

Many thanks to A World of Poker for the lead image and data used to create this article.

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