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2014 UKIPT Nottingham Main Event Day 2: Juan Benito Tops The Counts

Juan Benito

Spain’s Juan Benito is the man to catch as the 2014 UKIPT Nottingham Main Event continues to march towards a conclusion. Only 49 players remain in contention for the gargantuan £218,300 first place prize, and what a talented bunch they are.

Day 2 started with 331 players returning the well-oiled machine that is the Dusk Till Dawn (DTD) club, each of them wanting to navigate their way through the shark infested waters and into the relatively safety of the money places.

With 183 places paid nobody wanted to finish 184th, but someone has to – the tournament demands it. The unfortunate bubble boy was Edward Clark who found himself all in with {j-Hearts}{4-Diamonds} and needing some help from the community cards to come from behind to beat Richard Gryko’s {5-Diamonds}{5-Hearts}. That help failed to arrive as the board ran out {8-Spades}{9-Hearts}{6-Clubs}{4-Clubs}{5-Spades} to bust Clark and burst the money bubble.

Luminaries such as William Kassouf (182nd for £1,770), Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody (180th for 3
£1,770), Jeff Kimber (178th for £1,770), Chuck Clark (150th for £1,770), Paul Foltyn (147th for £1,770), Ben “f3nix35” Dobson (146th for £1,770), Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott (111th for £2,310), Full Tilt Poker Ambassador Martins Adeniya (110th for £2,310), Kevin Allen (104th for £2,310), Jude Ainsworth (85th for £2,600), Andrew Chen (80th for £2,600), UKIPT regular Thomas Ward (78th for £2,600), Thomas Ambler (56th for £3,060) and Tom Middleton (52nd for £3,720) all helped themselves to various amounts of the £1,223,000 prize pool.

While it is the relatively unknown Benito who leads the way going into the penultimate day’s play, his lead will be under threat from the moment the tournament director ushers the instruction to shuffle up and deal.

The reason Benito’s lofty position is going to be under siege is because there are so many heroes left in the final 49. Players such as the in-form Ben Vinson (1,216,000), Sky Poker’s Ryan Spittles (1,115,000), UKIPT Nottingham Six Max Main Event winner Ben Mayhew (647,000), Ramey Shaio (550,000), Richard Kellett (490,000), Ben Carpenter (439,000), Steve Watts (340,000), Mitch Johnson (339,000), William Chattaway (191,000), Sebastian Saffari (175,000) and Jonathan Peacock (161,000) are sin the chasing pack and are going to have a major influence over where the title ends up.

2014 UKIPT Nottingham Main Event End-of-Day 2 Top 10 Chip Counts

1Juan Benito1,473,000
2Ben Vinson1,216,000
3William Elliot1,178,000
4James Glossop1,150,000
5Ryan Spittles1,115,000
6Dafydd Williams1,053,000
7Tim Blake837,000
8Lewis Swift817,000
9Jonas Lauck796,000
10Ashfaaq Taus779,000

Play resumes at 12:00pm and continues until the final table is reached. There is a legitimate chance that it will be the toughest, star-studded final table ever assembled on the UKIPT to make sure you return to UK & Ireland PokerNews on Monday to discover who has reached the 2014 UKIPT Nottingham Main Event final table.

Lead image and data courtesy of the PokerStars Blog

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