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Steve Watts Wins the 2014 WPT National Marbella!

Steve Watts: 2014 WPT National Marbella Main Event winner

The vocal, popular professional footballer turned poker pro Steve Watts is on cloud nine today after winning the World Poker Tour National (WPT) Marbella Main Event for a wallet-filling €31,000.

Watts went into the eight-handed final table as an overwhelming chip leader, but it could have been a completely different story had one hand in particular ran differently. Watts was involved in a massive 1.5 million chip pot against Konstantin Kostyakov that saw his {Q-}{Q-} facing the {K-}{K-} and also facing the prospect of being eliminated. That was until a queen appeared on the flop to gift Watts a set of queens, which held, and he soared to the top of the chip count.

“I knew it was coming,” joked Watts in a post tournament interview, “A young lady coming to see me!”

The former Leyton Orient striker plays an aggressive style of poker at the best of times, so when he found himself with plenty of chips, it was not going to be an easy day at the felt for his opponents. In fact, Watts completely smashed the final table to pieces and was definitely a worthy champion.

First, Watts sent Mauricio Ica to the rail when he flopped the nuts with {6-}{5-} to beat Isa’s {A-}{K-}, then found pocket queens again to send Richard Cashman to the sidelines after the latter tried to steal the blind with {A-}{8-}.

Watts then took a short break from busting people before returning to his role of executioner when he flopped a set of sevens on a {K-}{7-}{6-} flop to beat the {K-}{9-} of Carsten Joh and then Watts eliminated Carlos Duran when his {5-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds} improved to a flush by the river to beat the {K-}{J-}.

It only took Watts two hands to bust Omar Anaya in second place. The first saw Watts win a pot with pocket tens and the second, according to the Poker-Red blog (which is in Spanish) hit two pair on the flop and avoid Anaya's open-ended straight draw to secure the title.

2014 WPT National Marbella Main Event Final Table Results

1Steve Watts€31,000
2Omar Anaya€22,000
3Carlos Duran€14,000
4Carsten Joh€10,450
5Daniel Cervan€7,800
6Jose Maria Solis€6,300
7Richard Cashman€5,200
8Mauricio Isa€4,100

Steve Watts
Steve Watts with his winner's cheque.

This is the latest in a long line of impressive results from Watts and will further increase his already glowing reputation. Since turning pro, Watts has a number of deep run in World Series of Poker events (including a 59th place in the 2013 Main Event), a fifth place at WPT Dublin, a fifth place in the 2012 Irish Open and a seventh place in the 2013 WPT National Marbella Main Event, among other superb results.

Watts now has over $650,000 in live tournament winnings, which probably only half covers his cloths and hats bill for the past 12 months! Congratulations to Watts, here’s to the run-good continuing well into the 2014 WSOP and beyond.

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