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Luigi Viscomi Outlasts 2,856 Players To Win DTD Grand Prix

Luigi Viscomi

After reading the title of this article you would be forgiven for thinking that Luigi Viscomi helped himself to a decent prize after winning an online tournament at Dusk Till Dawn’s (DTD) online poker arm. However, only one of those presumptions is true. Viscomi won £25,000 for outlasting 2,856 players not in an online competition but at the bricks and mortar DTD venue in Nottingham!

The DTD regularly runs what is billed as the Grand Prix, a £50+£10 buy-in event that often has a ridiculously large guarantee slapped on its prize pool. The April edition followed in the same vein as previous Grand Prix’s with Rob Yong and Co. guaranteeing £150,000 in prize money! While the number of entries meant a shortfall of £7,150, it was still a remarkable effort by the UK’s premier poker outfit when you consider the timing of the event (think Easter weekend, Irish Open and my birthday!).

As you’d expect from such a large crowd – made possible by several online Day 1s and some live legs too – there were plenty of established pros in Nottingham for the live section of the April Grand Prix, but let’s be honest here, you really want to know what happened at the final table most of all, so let’s head there right now.

DTD £150,000 Guaranteed Grand Prix April Final Table

1William Davies7,850,000
2Andy Lyew6,100,000
3Alex Bates14,200,000
4Michael Brown14,125,000
5Luigi Viscomi22,700,000
6Guy Collins10,100,000
7Robert White21,350,000
8Robert Owen21,400,000
9Vincent Campbell19,175,000

The very first hand played at the final table resulted in Michael Brown crashing out in ninth place. Brown opened to 1.25 million from under the gun and Luigi Viscomi made it 3.3 million to play from the next seat along. Everyone else ducked out of the way, putting the action back on Brown. Brown then moved all-in for 14 million and Viscomi, playing 22 million, called.

Viscomi: {a-Hearts}{k-Hearts}
Brown: {j-Diamonds}{j-Hearts}

It was one of tournament poker’s many coinflips, a race or whatever else you want to call it. Regardless of its label it was Viscomi who won the hand as the board ran out {7-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}{a-Clubs}{k-Clubs}{3-Spades} and Brown busted.

Pocket jacks were in the hand of the next play to be eliminated, too. Again the knaves were the best hand when the money went into the middle but they didn’t stay that way for long.

William Davies opened to 1.3 million and Viscomi three-bet all in when the action folded to him in the big blind. Davies called, showed {j-}{j-} and was more than an 80% favourite to beat the {10-}{10-} of Viscomi. That percentage increased further after the {q-}{6-}{4-} flop was put onto the DTD branded felt, but the {10-} turn gifted Viscomi a set of tens and left Davies drawing to two outs. Neither of the remaining jacks made an appearance on the river and Davies bowed out in eighth place.

Another half hour passed by without an exit, and then like London buses two showed up at once! Alex Bates open-jammed for 9.2 million and Robert White called. Robert Owen then came over the top with an all-in bet of his own, a bet that White opted to call.

Bates had made the initial all-in bet with {a-}{j-}, White flipped over {10-}{10-} and both were in bad shape against the {k-}{k-} of Owen! The board ran out {5-}{7-}{9-}{6-}{q-} to bust both Bates and White, leaving Owen to figure out how to stack up 38 million chips and still be able to see what was going on in front of him. A nice problem I’m sure you’ll agree.

Andy Lyew lost a large pot prior to the double elimination and never managed to recover, eventually busting in fifth place. Lyew, down to 5 million, pushed all-in with {a-}{6-} and was looked up by Owen who held the dominating {a-}{q-}. A queen on the turn dashed any hopes of a Lyew comeback and the tournament was left with only four players in the hunt for the £25,000 first place prize

Shortly after Lyew’s exit, the blinds increased to 600,000/1,200,000/200,000a and they were biting in everyone’s stack. Then, at slightly before 2:00am on Monday morning, a massive pot went down that saw Vincent Campbell win an 110-million chip pot and a second double-elimination.

Guy Collins started the hand by moving all-in for 12 million and Owen got in on the action by three-betting all-in. Usually that would be the end of the betting but not this time because Campbell overcalled the shoved and a three-way all-in pot was created.

Collins’ {a-}{3-} was the worst hand, followed by Owen’s {a-}{k-} with Campbell’s {j-}{j-} being in front. An {8-}{j-}{4-} flop locked up the hand for Campbell and when the {3-} and {a-} turn and river completed the board, Collins crashed in fourth place while Owen became the first player to pick up a five-figure score for his efforts.

That hand left Viscomi trailing Campbell by 30 million chips to 110 million and everyone still at the DTD thought Campbell would walk away with proceedings. How wrong they were.

Viscomi managed to double twice and then pulled ahead. The final hand of the amazing tournament saw Campbell’s {8-}{8-} lose to Viscomi’s {a-}{q-} when a lady landed on the flop. The turn and river were void of eights, Campbell busted and Viscomi, a barber from Lincoln who recently celebrated the birth of his second child, was crowned champion of the April edition of the DTD £150,000 Guaranteed Grand Prix.

DTD £150,000 Guaranteed Grand Prix April Final Table Results

1Luigi Viscomi£25,000
2Vincent Campbell£15,000
3Robert Owen£10,000
4Guy Collins£6,400
5Andy Lyew£4,300
6Robert White£3,300
7Alex Bates£2,600
8William Davies£2,000
9Michael Brown£1,400

Next up for the DTD crew is the eagerly anticipated £250 buy-in 8-Max event followed by the UKIPT Nottingham festival that features a £1 million guaranteed Main Event. Viscomi will be there as he also won a £1,100 UKIPT Nottingham Main Event seat and we will bring you updates of his progress and all the other entrants here at UK & Ireland PokerNews.

Thanks to Blonde Poker for the data used in the article and the lead image that accompanies it.

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