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Chris Moorman Reclaims Number 1 Worldwide Online Ranking

Chris Moorman

After several weeks of the relatively stagnated top 20 leader board in the UK online poker tournament rankings, this week’s update has caused a major shake-up. Chris Moorman has shot to number one in the world, Rick Trigg is now second in the UK while Patrick Leonard climbed into the top 10. Also, Niall Farrell soared up the standings thanks to hitting some unbelievable form, while Christopher Johnson has entered the top 20.

Everyone in poker thinks he’s the best tournament player in the world anyway, but now Moorman has reclaimed the official number one rank in the standings. A final table appearance in the French SCOOP, a win in the PokerStars $265 NL Hold’em Knockout and runner-up finishes in the Hot $33 and the Full Tilt Poker Turbo Hundo helped cement Moorman’s UK number one rank and push him to the top of the pile in the worldwide standings.

Sheffield’s Rick “TheClaimeer” Trigg is now number two in the UK thanks to him being able to put in a ridiculous amount of volume. If ever anyone needs confirmation that a solid work ethic in poker yields results tell them to look at Trigg.

In the past week alone, Trigg has won the PokerStars $109 NL Hold’em Rebuy ($11,739), finished 4th in the Full Tilt Poker FTOPS Event #18 for $6,305, busted second in the PokerStars $109 NL Hold’em 6-Max rebuy ($3,425) and last night he took down The Hot $16.50 for $8,690. Such a boss!

Jumping from 10th to 8th place in the UK standings is Rhys “floppinhel” Jones, who you may recall spoke to UK & Ireland PokerNews last week. Jones had a deep run in The Bigger $162 and final tabled The Big $109 to add a couple of hundred points to his total.

UK Online Poker Rankings Top 20 (As of April 10, 2014)

UK RankPlayerPoints
1Chris “moorman1” Moorman7629.24
2Rick “TheClaimeer” Trigg6749.32
3Jareth “jareth3542” East6692.95
4Charlie “chaz_man_chaz" Combes6571.40
5Toby “810ofclubs” Lewis6348.07
6Christopher “NigDawG” Brammer5804.62
7Scott “Aggro Santos” Margereson5738.07
8Rhys “floppinhel” Jones5621.67
9Oscar “MendaLerenda” Serradell5252.19
10Patrick “pleno1” Leonard5142.26
11Niall “firaldo” Farrell5090.13
12Jon “EMSBas” Spinks5033.26
13Ben “jenbizzle” Jones5021.17
14Sebastian “BassySaffari” Saffari5006.07
15Phill “bergeroo” Huxley4824.19
16Andrew “stato_1” Hulme4798.52
17Magnus “Giffordonian” Martin4762.81
18Christopher “makkapakk” Johnson4659.24
19Luke “Bit2Easy” Reeves4640.65
20Matas “bebaimis777” Cimbolas4481.67

Niall Farrell
Niall Farrell

The two biggest movers this week were Patrick “pleno1” Leonard and Niall “firaldo87” Farrell (pictured). Leonard’s recent form is nothing short of ridiculous – you can find out more about it here, here and here – and it looks set to continue for even longer considering he came 7th in the Full Tilt Poker FTOPS Event #14 ($2,663), and won the PokerStars $55 NL Hold’em Turbo 2x Chance for almost $15,000.

Scotland’s Farrell won his second Triple Crown this week with a hat-trick of big wins, wins that have seen him climb from 16th in the UK to 11th. Farrell won the Full Tilt Poker Tyrannosaurus Rex ($9,594), the PokerStars Hot $75 ($13,835) and on the last possible day the Sunday High Roller at ($16,011). Top bombing!

Last shoutout of the week is aimed at Christopher Johnson, known as “MAKKAPAKK” at PokerStars. Last week, Johnson won The Big $55 at PokerStars for $18,201 and a couple of nights ago won his 75th career title when he binked the PokerStars $88 NL Hold’em 4-max turbo. Those two results added a ton of points to his already impressive tally and he debuts in the top 20 in 18th place.

Good luck to all of our heroes for the coming week!

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