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Team PokerStars Online’s Alex Millar Appears in The Daily Telegraph

Alex Millar

The Daily Telegraph is not a newspaper where you would expect to see anything at all about poker, but in Monday’s edition, Team PokerStars Pro Alex Millar featured in the Life section of the broadsheet.

Millar, widely regarded as one of the best No Limit Hold’em cash game players in the world, joined the ranks of Team PokerStars Online in October 2013 after years of grinding the highest stakes on the site. Part of the role of Team PokerStars Online is to promote PokerStars in an ambassadorial role. Remember when Liv Boeree won the European Poker Tour Sanremo Main Event and how she featured in a number of magazines and even made a breakfast television appearance? Well, Millar is following in his fellow Brit’s footsteps and flying the PokerStars flag outside of the poker world.

Under the title “Poker tips from a poker star,” Millar gives five tips to The Telegraph readers in an article written by Oliver Pickup. Millar’s five tips for poker success are:

  • Be sensible about what stakes you play
  • Don’t try to put your opponent on a specific hand
  • Be consistent with your bets
  • Every bet counts – don’t lose your head
  • Learn from losing – channel your frustrations

Part of Millar’s advice is to practice solid bankroll management, something he mentioned when I spoke to him in an exclusive interview in September 2013. Millar started his poker career by playing $5 sit ‘n’ go tournaments before making the switch to cash games. The rest, as they say, is history. You can read my interview with Manchester United fan Millar, here.

The five tips seem to be, on the whole, well received by The Telegraph’s readers, although a reader going by the name of "Proofteller" seemed to object to online poker. Proofteller urged people not to play online poker at all, citing that it is rigged. Of course, it is not, but when people can’t beat a game they tend to think they are being cheated, especially when the game involves money! Maybe he should read Millar’s well thought out poker tips more thoroughly?

The reserved Millar’s excellent online performances have not gone unnoticed by the poker-loving public as he was voted Best Online Cash Player and the British Player of the Year at the recent British Poker Awards in London.

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