Kyriacos Dionysiou Wins the DTD £150,000 GTD Deepstack

Dusk Till Dawn

Dusk Till Dawn regular Kyriacos “Greek Jack” Dionysiou is the latest player to win the Nottingham casino’s popular £150,000 guaranteed Deepstack after winning the latest edition in the early hours of Monday morning. It was Dionysiou's second Deepstack victory as he won one in 2009.

March’s £500+£50 buy-in Deepstack attracted a total of 260 players who were eager not only for their share of the massive prize pool, but also one of 15 UKIPT Nottingham Main Event seats worth £1,100 each. The tournament ended on Day 1 for all but 74 of those 260 starters and those surviving players were whittled down further until only nine of them remained.

March Dusk Till Dawn £150,000 Guaranteed Deepstack Final Table

1Gary Strang500,000
2Van Tuan Phan1,200,000
3Peter Evans1,400,000
4Matthew Lewis500,000
5Algernon Buchanon1,000,000
6Mohammed Sadiq400,000
7Tommy Bingham1,900,000
8Kyriacos Dionysiou1,000,000
9Liam Batey700,000

The first bustout from the final table was that of Matthew Lewis who open-shoved from the button for 500,000 chips – blinds 20,000/40,000 – with what turned out to be {A-Hearts}{2-Hearts} and Mohammed Sadiq woke up in the big blind with the dominating {A-Clubs}{J-Clubs}. The ten-hgh board was no help to Lewis and he exited in ninth place.

Over 90-mintes went by without another elimination and then like London buses, two came at once! Gary Strang lost all but 100,000 of his chips when his queens flopped a set but still lost to what was eventually quad nines of Sadiq and was in desperate shape. Strang’s last 100,000 went into the middle, Peter Evans called, Algernon Buchanon then jammed all-in and Evans called the shove!

Evans: {10-}{10-}
Buchanon: {9-}{9-}
Strang: {A-}{5-}

The pocket tens of Evans held and both Buchanon and Strang’s tournament came to abrupt ends.

Almost immediately after the double bustout, Van Tuan Tran opened to 140,000 and then called when Sadiq three-bet all-in for 680,000. It was the jack-ten of Tran against Sadiq’s {8-}{8-} in one of tournament poker’s many coinflip situations. A jack on the flop was enough to win the pot for Sadiq and to send Sadiq to the sidelines.

Phan then joined the busted players on the rail when Tommy Bingham opened to 120,000 and Phan called. Phan then check-called a 100,000 bet on the {K-}{7-}{8-} flop and then a larger 195,000 bet when an ace landed on the turn. The river as a second ace and Phan checked, Bingham set Phan all in and was called. Bingham flipped over pocket aces for quads, Phan mucked then headed to the cashier’s cage to collect fifth place money.

Next to go was the former professional BMX rider Liam Batey who pushed all-in from under the gun with the lowly {4-}{3-} an Dionysiou called from the big blind with the far superior {A-}{J-}. Dionysiou spiked an ace on the flop to leave Batey drawing thin, and when the turn and river failed to yield any drama it was game over for Batey.

Third place went to Bingham and in cruel circumstances, even if the best hand preflop did win. Evans set Bingham all-in in a battle of the blinds and Bingham called. It was the {A-Hearts}{10-Spades} of Evans against the {J-Hearts}{8-Hearts} of Bingham. The {2-Hearts}{10-Hearts}{K-Spades}{4-Hearts} board improved Bingham to a flush and looked set to double him up. That was until the {Q-Hearts} landed on the river to improve Evans to a better flush and leave Bingham ruing his luck.

Thanks in part to busting Bingham, Evans went into the heads-up battle with “Greek Jack” holding a 5 million to 2.8 million chip advantage, but with blinds at 50,000/100,000 there was little margin for error.

Dionysiou managed to draw level, then at just before 3:30am on Monday morning Evans limped from the button and then called when Dionysiou made it 400,000 to play. The {A-}{5-}{10-} flop saw Dionysiou check-call a 600,000 bet. The turn was a king and Dionysiou checked again. Evans wasted little time in moving all-in, a bet that Dionysiou reluctantly called.

Evans showed {A-}{6-} and was way, way ahead of the {Q-Hearts}{Q-Diamonds} in the hand of his opponent. That was until a queen fell on the river to give Dionysiou an unlikely set of queens and after the chips were counted it was revealed that Dionysiou slightly covered Evans and was therefore the March £150,000 Deepstack champion!

March Dusk Till Dawn £150,000 Guaranteed Deepstack Final Table Results

1Kyriacos Dionysiou£32,500
2Peter Evans£19,500
3Tommy Bingham£14,000
4Liam Batey£10,000
5Van Tuan Tran£7,000
6Mohammed Sadiq£5,000
7Algernon Buchanon£4,000
8Gary Strang£3,000
9Matthew Lewis£2,500

Lead image courtesy of Christian Zetzsche. Thanks to the Blonde Poker forum for the hand histories and other information.

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