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Kevin Killeen Crowned Season 4 UKIPT Dublin Champion

Kevin Killeen

Kevin Killeen became a hometown hero on Monday after emerging victorious from the Season 4 edition of the UKIPT Dublin Main Event and becoming its champion. Killeen defeated former UKIPT Dublin winner Max Silver after an epic heads up battle.

Killeen went into the eight-handed final table as the chip leader, but his victory was far from a done deal thanks to the likes of the aforementioned Silver and the talented double UKIPT winning Dutchman Joeri Zandvliet being seated alongside him. As the tournament director issued the order to shuffle up and deal, the eight finalists lined up as follows:

Season 4 UKIPT Dublin Main Event Final Table

1Joeri ZandvlietNetherlands1,310,000
2Larry RyanIreland920,000
3Kevin KilleenIreland3,505,000
4Christopher WoodUK650,000
5Max SilverUK2,545,000
6Ivan TononiItaly435,000
7Dirk ThijssenIsle of Man1,290,000
8Robert SturmanUK2,695,000

The cards were in the air for 12:15 pm and within three hands the final table had lost its first player. Italian Ivan Tononi saw everyone fold to him in the cutoff and he moved all-in for 400,000 chips (10 big blinds) with what turned out to be the less-than-stellar {j-Spades}{8-Diamonds} and Robert Sturman looked him up in the small blind, as you almost certainly would have if you had been dealt {q-Hearts}{q-Diamonds}. The {a-Spades}{10-Spades}{2-Hearts}{6-Hearts}{j-Spades} board was void of drama and Tononi exited the tournament area.

Less than 30-minutes later and Larry Ryan busted in seventh place after falling victim to pocket queens, like Tononi had previously. From the small blind, Ryan opened to 80,000 and then called when Killeen three-bet to 190,000 from the big blind. Both players then checked the arrival of the {7-Hearts}{j-Clubs}{k-Hearts} flop, Ryan then check-calling a 195,000 bet when the {j-Diamonds} appeared on the turn. The {q-Clubs} was the river card and Ryan checked for a third time. Killeen set the price to play at 290,000 only to see Ryan check-raise all-in for 415,000; creating a juicy pot in the process. Killeen quickly called and flipped the {q-Diamonds}{q-Spades} onto their backs for a full house, crushing the {10-Clubs}{9-Diamonds} of Ryan who had rivered a straight. Game over Mr Ryan.

There was a lull in the elimination, but not the action, until the clock struck 3:00pm. This was the time that the dangerous Zandvliet was sent to the rail, and by his arch-rival Silver to boot. By this time the blinds were 30,000/60,000/5,000a and Silver opened to 120,000 from the cutoff. Zandvliet was in the big blind, took a look at his cards and three-bet all-in for 1.15 million. Silver asked for a count, processed the information and decided to call with {7-Diamonds}{7-Spades}. It turned out to be a correct call because all Zandvliet could muster was {k-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds} and when the five community cards ran out {a-Hearts}{4-Clubs}{4-Spades}{2-Diamonds}{q-Clubs} the Dutchman’s quest to become the first-ever triple UKIPT champion was put on hold once more.

Five became four with the elimination of Rational Group – the parent company of PokerStars – employee Dirk Thijssen. Silver as first to act from his seat in the big blind and he set Thijssen in for his last 800,000 chips. Thijssen called off those chips with {k-Hearts}{10-Spades} and found he was ahead of Silver’s {9-Hearts}{8-Hearts}. That was until the board fell {4-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}{a-Diamonds}{5-Clubs}{8-Clubs} to pair Silver’s eight and end a remarkable run for Thijssen.

Almost immediately after Thijssen’s demise, Robert Sturman joined him on the sidelines. Sturman had put his stack on the line on numerous occasions in an attempt to accumulate chips, but when he pushed all-in for 730,000 with {10-Spades}{10-Diamonds} he was looked up by Chris Wood and his {a-Spades}{9-Hearts}. Wood took the lead on the {a-Hearts}{k-Spades}{3-Diamonds} flop, went further ahead on the {9-Diamonds} turn and when the {k-Clubs} fell on the river Sturman’s tournament came to an abrupt end.

Three-handed play ended when Hartlepool’s Wood three-bet all-in for 1.96 million when Killeen had opened to 200,000 from the button. Wood had made his move with {7-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds} and needed some help from the board because Killeen called with a much superior {k-Spades}{q-Diamonds}. That help never arrived and he was drawing dead by the turn of the {10-Hearts}{a-Diamonds}{q-Spades}{j-Spades}{5-Diamonds} board.

Heads-up started at slightly before 5:00pm and saw Silver take an 8.355 million to 5 million chip lead into the one-on-one battle. Within mere minutes, Killeen’s {9-Hearts}{9-Diamonds} held against Silver’s {k-Spades}{q-Clubs} with all of the chips going in preflop, to double to essentially level the stacks.

Over the next two hours or so, the story was one of Silver opening a lead and Killeen winning a crucial all-in to get back into contention. When Killeen last drew level for the final time, he seemed to have some momentum behind him and that momentum – and his raucous rail — carried him over the finishing line.

The final hand saw Silver make it 320,000 to play, Killeen three-bet to 825,000 and Silver four-bet jam for close to 4 million chips. Killeen called with the {k-Clubs}{q-Clubs} and Silver turned over {q-Spades}{8-Spades}. By the river the board read {6-Diamonds}{4-Hearts}{2-Clubs}{3-Spades}{a-Diamonds} to keep the king-high of Killeen ahead, to bust Silver and to leave Killeen to be held aloft by his friends after being announced as the Season 4 UKIPT Dublin Champion.

Season 4 UKIPT Dublin Main Event Final Table Results

1Kevin KilleenIreland€87,700
2Max SilverUK€53,700
3Chris WoodUK€38,400
4Robert SturmanUK€29,100
5Dirk ThijssenIsle of Man€23,100
6Joeri ZandvlietNetherlands€17,700
7Larry RyanIreland€12,830
8Ivan TononiItaly€8,748

Next up for the UKIPT is the Nottingham leg held at Dusk Till Dawn between May 7-12. The £1,000+£100 buy-in Main Event is carrying a whopping £1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool and for the first time ever on the UKIPT, players are permitted to make one re-entry. Satellites for UKIPT Nottingham are already running at PokerStars so head over there now and get in on the action.

Lead image courtesy of the PokerStars Blog and the very talented Danny Maxwell.

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