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Unibet Releases New Poker Client to Attract Recreational Players

Unibet today released its long-anticipated standalone poker platform, designed to follow the industry trend to attract recreational players. The new software was developed by Relax Gaming and showcases a simplified lobby, a social focus and a variety of achievements and missions.

Unibet Releases New Poker Client to Attract Recreational Players 101

While Unibet is migrating away from Microgaming for its standalone poker client, its relationship with the network remains strong as it will continue to utilize Microgaming's casino games. The new poker client is currently only available for dot-com customers with customers in Italy and France remaining on the Ongame and iPoker networks.

The goal of the new poker release is to create a fun and exciting experience at Unibet - especially to new players. The software includes rich table graphics, 60 different cartoon-like avatars, and a variety of fun missions and achievements, providing an entertaining environment for recreational players more accustomed to casino games.

Unibet went to great lengths to protect its recreational players by allowing screen name changes up to three times per day. This creates an environment where players feel protected, since it makes it extremely difficult to be targeted by the sharks. Furthermore, the quick-seat lobby both eliminates bum-hunting and makes it quick and easy for players to join the game they are looking for.

Unibet Releases New Poker Client to Attract Recreational Players 102

Perhaps the biggest change is blocking the HUDs and poker tracking software. The software also does not allow note taking, which is another way sharks have been known to quickly identify fish they have previously played with. While this might alienate some of the site's regular grinders, it should produce the recreational ecosystem Unibet is after since recreational players should have a better win-rate or at least not as high a loss-rate as they normally would.

Currently the software is only available on PCs and browsers, however there should be a Mac client released very soon, followed by a tablet application.

Unibet wants to welcome back its loyal customers by rewarding them a free €10! This generous, no-strings-attached offer is available to players in the Netherlands, UK, Belgium, Norway, Finland, and Sweden.

If you do not already have a Unibet account, you should definitely consider signing up for one now. By signing up for a free Unibet account through PokerNews, you not only will be one of the first players to play on this fresh new software release, but also be handsomely rewarded with a 100% first deposit bonus up to €500. This offer can be combined with the free €10 to help you quickly jumpstart your bankroll.

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