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UK & Ireland PokerNews Review: September 2013

Chris Moorman

2013 has been another superb year for poker in the United Kingdom and Ireland and UK & Ireland PokerNews is proud to have kept you up to date with all of the goings on over the past 12 months.

With 2013 almost over, we though it would be fun to recap the biggest and most popular stories that graced the UK & Ireland PokerNews pages over the past year, continuing with those that occurred in September 2013.

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Best of the British Isles: Alex "Kanu7" Millar; High Stakes Cash Game Specialist

The United Kingdom and Ireland has some amazing poker talent on its shores and one such talented individual is Alex Millar. Better-known as Kanu7, Millar is a regular in the highest stakes cash games available online and is regarded as one of the best players in the business.

Millar sat down with UK & Ireland PokerNews in September and gave us an insight into his poker story.

New Software Goes Live

partypoker launched its revamped software that is geared towards recreational players and the social aspects of the game of poker; the company also changed its name slight so it is all written in lower case!

One of the most popular features of the new software is the ability to complete poker-related missions. Players are invited to complete specific tags in exchange for badges, and special prizes including World Poker Tour entries!

Why Rob Yong’s Online Club Cash Games Idea is Great But Will Never Catch On

September was the month that Rob Yong, owner of the Dusk Till Dawn casino, spoke out about the state of online poker and revealed he was creating some DTD exclusive cash game tables as an experiment.

While I supported Yong and his quest to make online poker a better place, I thought I should chime in with my thoughts on why I don't think his exclusive tables will take off.

Brits Bank Big Scores

September saw a number of our players secure big wins in various online poker festivals. These were the highlights:

Ivey Claims He Used "Edge Sorting" in £7.8 Million Lawsuit With Crockfords

Remember in May, when new broke of Phil Ivey suing Crockfords casino for £7.8 million, well in September he revealed he won the astronomical amount by using something called "Edge Sorting." While not illegal, Edge Sorting is frowned upon, much like card counting in blackjack. It is however, up to the casino to stop this practice from occurring.

Exclusive Rob Yong Interview: "Why I Will Quit Dusk Till Dawn in Six Months"

The most read article on the UK & Ireland PokerNews site during 2013 was my exclusive interview with Dusk Till Dawn supremo, Rob Yong. It's probably best you read it yourself, so click the link in the title and off you go!

Chris Moorman Surpasses $10 Million in Lifetime Online Earnings

Chris Moorman became the first player in the history of online poker to win more than $10 million from tournament poker. Moorman broke through the $10 million barrier with a win in a $215 buy-in tournament at partypoker. Moorman hasn't slowed down since and now has almost $10.5 million in cashes!

Previous articles:

Stay tuned to UK & Ireland PokerNews during the holidays as we recap the 2013 action.

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