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Sunday Majors: Mat Cutherbertson Chops The Sunday Brawl

Sunday Majors results

The Full Tilt Poker Sunday Brawl is a tournament that British and Irish players seem to do well in. In 2013, Jude Ainsworth and Ben Spraggons each finished second in it, while Jareth East and Martin Malone both managed to win it. This Sunday, Mat “checktrap11” Cuthbertson did a mixture of those results and chopped heads-up with Brazilian “GM_VALTER.”

Cutherbertson was one of 1,191 entries in this week’s Full Tilt Poker Sunday Brawl, a large field that helped best the $200,000 guarantee by some $38,200. Cutherbertson battled his way through the bounty tournament, no doubt claiming several $40s for knocking out an opponent as he did so. He found himself sharing a final table with fellow Brit “LederJoe” and we were rooting for a British 1-2, but LederJoe fell in fourth place for $16,912.20 prize, which left Cuthbertson as the sole Union Jack flying player.

At around 01:15 on Monday morning, although 10 hours after The Sunday Brawl began, Cutherbertson and GM_VALTER discussed a deal that saw our hero have $37,732.89 added to his Full Tilt Poker account and GM_VALTER take $41,635.35. Top work, sir.

Cuthbertson spoke to UK & Ireland PokerNews in April 2013. Find out more about the part-time poker player here.

Notable Full Tilt Poker Sunday Majors Results For British and Irish Players (26/01/2014)

Mat “checktrap11” CuthbertsonSunday Brawl2/1191$37,732.89
LederJoeSunday Brawl4/1191$16,912.20
Kevin “SuitedAcesBaby” KilleenSunday Brawl23/1191$1,024.26
ItalianCrusher16/690Big Ben$379.50
the angleman$250,000 Guarantee15/1363$2,017.24
losttotheriver$250,000 Guarantee18/1363$1,499.30
ItalianCrusherSuper Sized Sunday6/221$6,961.50
Talal “raidalot” ShakerchiThe T-Rex8/825$2,895.75
Scott “rdcrsm” MargeresonThe T-Rex17/825$618.75
Jude “j__thaddeus” AinsworthThe Sunday Mulligan7/276$1,932.00
CrazybambosThe Sunday Mulligan12/276$690.00
Jareth “hteraaj2001” EastThe Turbonator1/94$8,000
Christopher “kid_bramm” BrammerThe Turbonator6/94$1,500

CunningPlan Wins TCOOP Event #15; Takes Home $73k

The Turbo Championship Of Online Poker (TCOOP) is in full swing at PokerStars and its huge prize pools have created some, quite frankly, ridiculous hourly rates for its champions. One such astronomical hourly went to “CunningPlan” who chopped Event #15 – the $215 buy-in No Limit Hold’em 6-Max Hyper-Turbo three-ways for $73,006.26 before going on to win. That impressive result banked CunningPlan an astonishing $33,799.19 per hour! What a life!

Magnus “Giffordonian” Martin had a similarly sized score – one topping the scales at $65,760.75 – when he finished 3/4123 in TCOOP Event #17, which was a $109 NL Hold’em Turbo with 1R1A.

Notable PokerStars Sunday Majors Results For British and Irish Players (26/01/2014)

LeonardzzzSunday Kickoff10/1804$1,407.12
CunningPlanTCOOP #151/2818$73,006.26
Moonwatch79TCOOP Event #158/2818$7,128.41
Ben “gs08bjohnson JenkinsSunday Warm-Up14/3532$$3,178.80
Royace1TCOOP #1620/4019$1,516.36
NUTTYHELMBigger $1093/3136$26,342.40
Ddra_87BBigger $1094/3136$18,032.00
Jack “jackellwood” EllwoodBigger $10914/3136$1,489.60
Magnus “Giffordonian” MartinTCOOP #173/4123$65,760.75
David owieSunday Million21/7495$3,492.67
NemoswimsSunday Million25/7495$3,492.67
BoskoRockSunday 50011/766$4,021.50
Ahhh Is It?Bigger $1627/1634$6,740.25
Magician10011Sunday 2nd Chance7/1258$7,548.00
Chaz D 87Sunday 2nd Chance13/1258$1,887.00
IsraMazeltovSunday 2nd Chance20/1258$1,056.72
Rick “ThEcLaiMEer” TriggSunday 6-Max2/952$18,564.00
E.O.Mplus30Sunday 6-Max3/952$14,280.00
Toogood32Sunday 6-Max13/952$1,228.08
Isaac “WatchThis08” DownesSunday Supersonic17/3235$2,216.29
Phill “bergeroo” HuxleySunday Supersonic24/3235$1,875.32
Rick “ThEcLaiMEer” TriggNightly Fifty Grand3/455$7,166.25

Once again, the UK and Ireland's finest put in some exceptional performances at the PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker virtual felt and were rewarded handsomely. While it may be true that a large number of our elite players are currently unable to play at their usual hunting grounds due to competing at European Poker Tour Deauville, we still have some of the very best players in the world grinding away every day, striking fear into the opposition.

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