Richard Milner Marches to Victory in the 2013 GPS Grand Final

Richard Milner

Richard Milner will have a Christmas to remember after taking down the 2013 Genting Poker Series Grand Final in Sheffield for a huge payday of £40,086. After winning what is by far his largest tournament score, Milner told the Genting Poker blog that he was “happy to finally win something!”

The final day’s play started with 17 players in the hunt for the title, but within an hour Ben Jones, Stefan Woodward, Richard Hawes, Tom Dunwoodie and Ian Barnett had crashed out of the tournament.

The eliminations continued at an alarming rate and after Shola Akindele, Charles Akadiri, and Richard Kellett busted out before the 90-minute mark, the final table was set.

2013 Genting Poker Series Grand Final Main Event Final Table

1Leo McClean372,000
2Nathan Davies605,000
3Ben Vinson958,000
4Rupom Pal1,687,000
5Richard Milner813,000
6Gabriel Tuna820,000
7Adam Picken720,000
8Danny Rowlinson1,025,000
9Leon Campbell1,054,000

Ben Vinson was the final table’s first casualty, moving all in on a {6-}{5-}{8-}{k-}{j-} board only to much when Rupom Pal called and turned over {k-}{j-} for top two pair. Vinson busted in ninth place and Pal saw his stack swell to 2,500,000.

Less than 10 minutes later and Leo McClean made a move with pocket eights, moving all in for 350,000 at the 10,000/20,000/2,000a level. Sadly for McLean, Adam Picken had been dealt the superior pocket tens and had a relatively easy call to make. Call he did and when the board ran out {a-}{j-}{6-}{3-}{9-} McClean’s tournament ended.

While the eliminations slowed somewhat, the action at the final table did not and viewers of the live stream and on the rail at the Genting Club Sheffield were treated some fantastic poker. Shortly after 5:00 p.m the railbirds could no longer watch Gabriel Tuna in action as he lost all but 1.5 antes when he missed the nuts flush draw to lose to Danny Rowlinson’s top pair top kicker. Tuna busted soon after.

Rowlinson couldn’t put Tuna’s chips to much use as he fell in sixth place some ninety minutes later. Rowlinson found himself in an awful predicament when his all-in bet with pocket nines resulted in him being called by the aces of Picken. Both players improved to a full house by the river, but the board was void of nines and Rowlinson busted.

Nathan Davies followed Rowlinson to the rail shortly after as two hands in quick succession claimed his tournament life. First, Davies limped in the small blind, Pal raised from the big blind and then called when Davies moved all in for over a million chips. Pal showed a pair of queens and Davies the slightly less stellar {a-}{9-Clubs}. Davies picked up a straight draw on the flop, nonetheless Pal’s queens held and Davies fell to 250,000 chips.

These went into the middle with {k-Spades}{10-Spades} and Picken called with {a-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds}. By the river the board read {a-Hearts}{8-Hearts}{8-Clubs}{6-Clubs}{7-Diamonds} and with that Davies exited in fifth place.

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During the dinner break, the final four players decided to split the remaining prize pool via an ICM deal, leaving £10,000 for the eventual champion. This meant the least anyone would now win was an impressive £30,086!

The first player to benefit from the deal was Leon Campbell who finished in fourth place. It was a real cooler of a hand that sent Campbell home, his pocket kings ran into Picken’s aces! The aces held, Campbell exited and Picken soared to over 4,300,000 chips.

Three-handed play lasted the best part of two hours before Picken lost a coinflip against Milner. Picken needed to hit the board to stay in the tournament because his {a-}{k-} trailed the pocket jacks of Milner. The {3-}{q-}{3-}{6-}{q-} board was no help to Picken and he became the third place finisher.

Milner went into the heads-up battle with the start-of-the-day chip leader Pal holding a 5,800,000 to 2,000,000 chip leader, yet it was far from a done deal. In the four-hours of one-on-one play, the chip lead exchanged hands almost a dozen times, but the history books only care about one thing and that is who the winner of the final hand was.

That final hand too place at around 3:20 a.m on Monday morning and saw Milner all in with {4-}{4-} and Pal pinning his hopes on {a-}{10-}. A {2-}{k-}{3-}{9-}{9-} board left Milner’s pocket fours as the best hand and with that Milner became the 20013 Genting Poker Series Grand Final.

2013 Genting Poker Series Grand Final Results

1Richard Milner£40,086*
2Rupom Pal£30,462*
3Adam Picken£33,845*
4Leon Campbell£30,747*
5Nathan Davies£11,320
6Dan Rowlinson£9,220
7Gabriel Tuna£7,130
8Leon McClean£5,760
9Ben Vinson£4,200

*reflects a four-handed deal

Lead image courtesy of the Genting Poker Blog

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