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partypoker WPT National UK Milton Keynes: Christopher Thomson Leads

partypoker WPT National Milton Keynes

The second stop of the new partypoker World Poker National UK tour kicked off on Thursday night at the newly opened “Super Casino” known as The Casino MK. Despite the close proximity to Christmas and the fact driving gales and torrential rain was battering the area, 86 players exchanged £200 for 20,000 chips and the chance to become a WPT National champion.

As was the case in the inaugural London leg, the Milton Keynes Main Event is played to an accumulator format where players can play in as many of the three starting flights as they wish and if they make it through to Day 2 on each of them, their stacks from each starting flight are accumulated into one larger stack on Day 2.

One man who does not have to worry about playing extra flights is Christopher Thomson, who ended Flight 1 with a colossal stack containing 142,000 chips. Thomson, who bought in with his twin brother, went on a huge heater towards the end of his chosen starting flight but also applied plenty of aggression to finish as a deserved chip leader.

Thomson’s stack was dwindling as the tournament progressed to its latter stages, but a hand where he flopped quad fives on a {5-Hearts}{5-Spades}{4-Hearts}{3-Spades}{2-Diamonds} board and got paid by a player holding {7-}{6-} for a straight, set him on his way. Once Thomson was back about his starting stack he never looked back.

Second in chips at the end of Flight 1 was Stephen Bean. Thomson’s aforementioned twin brother was seated opposite Bean for a while and did not agree with how Bean approaches the game. That’s the great thing about poker, you pay your money and can play any style you want. At the moment Bean’s style is a winning one because he finished with a very healthy stack of 125,300.

Other notables who made it through to Saturday’s Day 2 include Lynne Beaumont (68,900), local player and winner of a brand new Audi Andrew Brisland (55,500), James Browning (42,500) and Ben “Spraggs” Spraggons (24,000).

Partypoker WPT National UK Milton Keynes End-of-Flight 1 Top 10 Chip Counts

1Christopher Thomson142,000
2Stephen Bean125,300
3Sunil Mistri83,100
4Timothy Slater71,100
5Lynne Beaumonth68,900
6Paul Brown67,100
7Mark Thomas66,500
8Paul Coughlan66,000
9Robert Martin59,200
10Lee Kiat55,500

In total, 37 of the 86 starters managed to progress to Day 2. The prize pool already stands at an impressive £15,480 and should at least triple by the time Flight 2 (2pm on Friday) and Flight 3 (8pm on Friday) are written into poker’s history books.

Lead image courtesy of the partypoker blog

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