Matthew Davenport Defeats Paul Zimbler Heads Up to win the DTD £300 Deepstack

Matthew Davenport

Matthew Davenport has boosted his bankroll by an impressive £25,000 after taking down the latest incarnation of the Dusk Till Dawn £300 Deepstack, defeating Paul Zimbler heads-up to secure the first major live victory of his career.

With many of Dusk Till Dawn’s (DTD) regulars competing in the UKIPT Isle of Man Main Event and many more deciding not to play due to early Bonfire Night celebrations, the club was left nursing a £10,000 overlay, which was great for the players, not so much for Rob Yong and company.

Some of the United Kingdom’s most recognisable players made it through to Day 2, although Yucel “Mad Turk” Eminoglu, Jack Allen, Alex Goulder, Nicholas Crisp, Kirit Patel, Ben Vinson, and Ben “F3nix35” Dobson all fell short of the top 36 places that awarded prize money.

Among those banking some overlay-laden cash for their efforts included Ceri Rees (22nd), the in-form Jonathan Gill (15th), Paul Jenkinson (14th) and recent World Series of Poker bracelet winner Matt Perrins (12th).

The nine-handed final table was formed as the clock struck 10 p.m on Sunday night. Little did the players know that a further five hours of poker would be required to see the tournament’s champion crowned.

DTD £300 Deepstack Final Table Seat Draw

1Paul Zimbler1,010,000
2Anthony Williamson850,000
3Michelle Bennett430,000
4Asif Raja800,000
5Tan Le960,000
6Wayne Davison1,100,000
7Tamara King520,000
8Matthew Davenport1,800,000
9David Outterside1,350,000

Thirty-minutes into the final table action and a massive pot went down that saw Paul Zimbler get extremely lucky and two players head to the rail. Michelle Bennett, one of two female players to reach the final table, moved her short stack all-in and was isolated by a re-shove from the dangerous Tan Le. Zimbler then cold called, covering both players. Zimbler showed {Q-Hearts}{Q-Clubs} and was up against the {K-Spades}{Q-Spades} of Bennett and the dominating pocket aces of Le. The door card was a queen, improving Zimbler to a set of queens, which held to catapult him to the top of the chip counts and eject Bennett and Le from the competition.

Zimbler then found another big pocket pair in a perfect spot. David Outterside shipped his 15 big blind stack into the middle from the cutoff with what turned out to be pocket jacks. Zimbler moved all in from the button with a pair of kings and busted Outterside when the board ran out queen-high.

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Almost immediately after Outterside’s demise, Tamara King spiked an ace on the river with her {A-}{J-} to beat the {J-}{J-} of Anthony Williamson to leave the tournament with only five players in with a shot at the £25,000 first place prize.

Another pair-versus-overpair scenario occurred when Asif Raja moved all in from under the gun and Wayne Davison flat-called next to act. Raja had made his move with {6-}{6-} and Davison the call with {10-}{10-}. A board reading {3-}{7-}{5-Spades}{J-}{A-} left Raja nursing a couple of big blinds and he crashed out a hand or two later.

The tournament then became an all-male affair with the elimination of King. The last-standing female in the tournament open-shoved from the button with {A-}{4-} and Zimbler called in the big blind with pocket jacks. No drama from the five community cards left King to pick up fourth place money, or £7,000 to you and I.

Zimbler then dispatched of Davison in third place to bolster his stack to 3.5 million, although that trailed the 5.5 million of Davenport.

The heads-up encounter spanned almost three hours and ended when Davenport four-bet shoved and Zimbler opted to call with {K-}{J-}and was shown {A-}{9-} by Davenport. The {2-}{7-}{2-} flop kept the ace-high of Davenport in the lead and when the turn and river fell {4-} and {3-} Zimbler busted in second place and Davenport was announced as the latest DTD £300 Deepstack champion.

DTD £300 Deepstack Final Table Results

1stMatthew Davenport£25,000
2ndPaul Zimbler£15,000
3rdWayne Davison£10,000
4thTamara King£7,000
5thAsif Raja£5,000
6thAnthony Williamson£3,500
7thDavid Outterside£2,800
8thTan Le£2,300
9thMichelle Bennett£1,800

Lead image and data courtesy of the Blonde Poker Live Updates team.

Next up for DTD is the inaugural The Big Game that UK & Ireland PokerNews wrote about last week. Get yourself down to the UK’s premier poker venue and support the club as it attempts to hit another large guarantee.

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