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FTOPS XXIV Kicks Off November 28; Huge Prizes up for Grabs


Full Tilt Poker’s ever-popular online poker festival, FTOPS, returns on November 24 and gives tournament lovers 39 chances to win FTOPS Gold.

FTOPS XXIV runs from November 24 through to December 8 and features 39 high-stakes tournaments that are sure to attract the best poker players in the world to the Full Tilt Poker virtual felt. Full Tilt Poker has crammed the schedule with a variety of game types and tournament structures including 6-Card Omaha, HORSE and and Escalator event.

DateTime (ET)EventGameGuarantee
Sun 24 Nov13:301$200+$15 NL Hold’em Re-entry$500,000
Sun 24 Nov16:302$1,000+$50 NL Hold’em 6-Max$300,000
Mon 25 Nov11:003$100+$9 PL Omaha Hi Rebuy$75,000
Mon 25 Nov14:004$300+$20 Razz$50,000
Mon 25 Nov17:005$200+$15 NL Hold’em Rush$100,000
Tue 26 Nov11:006$200+$15 NL Omaha Hi/lo 6-Max$50,000
Tue 26 Nov14:007$200+$15 HORSE$40,000
Tue 26 Nov17:008$100+$9 NL Hold’em Turbo Multi-entry$200,000
Wed 27 Nov11:009$200+$15 PL Irish$50,000
Wed 27 Nov14:0010$300+$20 NL Hold’em Rebuy$250,000
Wed 27 Nov17:0011$207+$8 NL Hold’em Rush Super-Turbo$100,000
Thu 28 Nov11:0012$200+$15 PL Omaha Heads Up$25,000
Thu 28 Nov14:0013$300+$20 NL Hold’em Escalator$100,000
Fri 29 Nov11:0014$100+$9 NL Hold’em$100,000
Fri 29 Nov14:0015$200+$15 7-Stud$25,000
Sat 30 Nov11:0016$1,000+$50 NL Hold’em Re-entry$500,000
Sat 30 Nov14:0017$300+$20 PL Omaha Hi 6-max triple chance$100,000
Sat 30 Nov16:0018$100+$9 NL Hold’em Rush$75,000
Sun 1 Dec10:3019$120+$9 NL Hold’em KO Multi-entry$400,000
Sun 1 Dec13:3020$300+$20 NL Hold’em Re-entry$600,000
Sun 1 Dec16:3021$200+$15 Limit Holdem Escalator$50,000
Mon 2 Dec11:0022$200+$15 PL 6 Card Omaha 6-Max$50,000
Mon 2 Dec14:0023$300+$20 2-7 Triple Draw Limit$30,000
Mon 2 Dec17:0024$200+$15 NL Hold’em Turbo$100,000
Tue 3 Dec11:0025$240+$15 PL Omaha Hi/Low KO$75,000
Tue 3 Dec14:0026$500+$30 10-game 6-max Multi-entry$75,000
Tue 3 Dec17:0027$100+$9 NL Hold’em Turbo 1r1a$150,000
Wed 4 Dec11:0028$200+$15 PL HA$40,000
Wed 4 Dec14:0029$100+$9 NL Hold’em 6-Max Rebuy$150,000
Wed 4 Dec17:0030$310+$10 NL Hold’em ST KO Multi-entry$200,000
Thu 5 Dec11:0031$300+$20 NL Hold’em Heads Up$35,000
Thu 5 Dec14:0032$200+$15 PL Omaha Rush$50,000
Fri 6 Dec11:0033$200+$15 NL Hold’em 6-max$100,000
Fri 6 Dec14:0034$200+$15 7-Stud Hi/Lo$25,000
Sat 7 Dec11:0035$2,000+$100 NL Hold’em Re-entry$1,000,000
Sat 7 Dec14:0036$200+$15 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo$30,000
Sat 7 Dec16:0037$100+$9 NL Hold’em Rush Rebuy$200,000
Sun 8 Dec10:3038$240+$15 NL Hold’em 6-Max KO Re-entry$500,000
Sun 8 Dec13:3039$600+$35 NL Hold’em Re-entry Main Event$1,500,000

As you would expect, there are a plethora of satellite tournaments to each of the 39 events meaning you even if the buy-ins for some of the FTOPS XXIV events are outside the constraints of your bankroll you can still compete for the chance of a massive score.

During FTOPS XXIV players are awarded leader board points depending on their finishing position in each event. The player who accumulates the most leader board points wins a custom Full Tilt Poker avatar and six-month Black Card Pro Sponsorship, which includes 100% cash back and the choice of a clearable $20,000 bonus or $20,000 worth of FTOPS and MiniFTOPS buy-ins!

If you don’t have a Full Tilt Poker account now is the perfect time to get yourself one. Download Full Tilt Poker via PokerNews and you can help yourself to $25 worth of Rush Poker tokens for free in addition to the huge 100% up to $600 first deposit bonus.

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